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New iPhone Plug Spells Inconvenience For Users, Change For Accessory Makers

While the new iPhone 5 has a number of new features designed to entice Apple loyalists into an upgrade, the decision to introduce a new connector could cause a bit of domestic chaos.

Facebook Could Be Powerful Tool In Targeting Voters

A Facebook message, distributed during the 2010 United States congressional elections, influenced the voting behavior of millions of recipients and their friends. New research in the journal Nature highlights the potential of online social networks for shaping real-world behavior on a massive scale. Melissa Block talks to Shankar Vedantam.

Apple's New iPhone 5 Is Thinner, Lighter Than Before

Apple debuted the iPhone 5 and other new products Wednesday in San Francisco.

Apple Unveils New, Thinner, Lighter iPhone 5

The phone will also have a bigger screen and run on faster wireless networks.


Basic School Supplies, Glue Sticks, Tablets?

As the school year gets underway, a lot of students are getting their hands on a host of new technology in their classrooms. But some schools are struggling to access basic supplies, let alone the latest and greatest devices. Host Michel Martin looks at technology in the classroom with Charles Best, founder of

Do iPhone Announcements Get More Attention Than They Deserve?

Excitement over the launch of Apple's sixth-generation iPhone might seem like a no-brainer. But since when did the announcement of a new smartphone become a national event by default?