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Novice Neurosurgeons Train On Brains Printed In 3-D

Universities and hospitals are training residents by having them practice on realistic replicas of actual patients' brains. The high-tech stand-ins allow the students to learn by making mistakes, something they're not able to do when real patients are involved.

Federal Judge Rules NSA Bulk Phone Record Collection Unconstitutional

Judge Richard Leon says the sweeping NSA collection of U.S. phone metadata constitutes an unreasonable search or seizure under the Fourth Amendment. The federal judge stayed the ruling waiting for a likely appeal from the Justice Department.

Exploring Economic Inequality From Heart Of The Tech Boom

Something strange is going on in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the tech boom is helping lead the national economic recovery. The ultrarich are getting richer as many other Silicon Valley residents are slipping into poverty.

Twitter Battle Over Sexy Stars

#FastTailedGirls on Twitter is raising questions about stereotypes when it comes to sexuality, and how those misconceptions can affect young girls. Host Michel Martin talks with Mikki Kendall, who started the hashtag, along with The Root's Keli Goff, and Salon's Prachi Gupta.

U.S. Recognizes A South Korean StarCraft Player As An Athlete

The professional gamer just got a visa normally reserved for baseball players and other athletes to compete in the U.S., and more international players could follow. "Gaming is their full-time job," says Marcus Graham, a senior manager at the gaming site Twitch.

Tug Of Authority Over Legal Gap In Online Privacy

Without one law that mandates security standards, the Federal Trade Commission is stepping in to confront companies that expose their customers to risk online. But then one company fought back, arguing the FTC didn't have the right. So whose responsibility is it to keep your sensitive data safe?

A Movement To Bake Online Privacy Into Modern Life, 'By Design'

Ann Cavoukian, privacy commissioner for Ontario, Canada, says the tech industry has the power to make products that protect users' personal information. The trick, she says, is to think about privacy while creating a new app or service, not after.

Twitter Critics Say It's Not Sensitive Enough To Cyberbullying

Twitter on Thursday changed its blocking policy, then changed it back. Users were outraged that the initial switch allowed stalkers and abusers open access to their posts. Some say the incident shows that Twitter isn't listening to women and cyberbullying victims on the site.
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You, Your Doctor And A Computer: How Technology Impacts Personal Health Care

As medical practices and health systems adopt new information technologies, the doctor-patient relationship is beginning to change. Kojo talks with a panel of doctors about the ways technology is impacting personal health care.


Game Director Shifts From 'Grand Theft Auto' To Iranian Revolution

A blockbuster video game director is working on a game where you don't shoot back. It puts the player inside the Iranian Revolution of 1979, and it's a financial and personal risk to the game makers.