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R.I. Strikes Out On Ex-Pitcher's Video Game Venture

After helping the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, pitcher Curt Schilling could do no wrong. Then news broke that his video game company had chewed through a $75 million state loan that it's struggling to pay off. Now, Rhode Island officials are moving to protect taxpayers from what appears to have been a very bad investment.

We Ask The Pros: Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

Rejecting a friend request from your boss could be seen as a vote of no confidence, but do you really want his Burning Man photos showing up in your news feed? Comedian Baratunde Thurston and media technologist Deanna Zandt discuss proper workplace friending etiquette.

Tech Look Ahead: HP Layoffs, Google Gets Motorola

Audie Cornish looks ahead to this week's tech news with technology correspondent, Steve Henn.

Military Addresses Double-Edged Sword Of Troops On Social Media

Thanks to Facebook and other sites, American troops in Afghanistan are more connected than ever with what's going on back home. But that connectivity has also led to incendiary videos and photos getting posted online. Now, military leadership is taking steps to further educate troops on what is and isn't appropriate for public viewing.

30 Days In Jail, Three Years Probation In Rutgers Webcam Case

Dharun Ravi used a webcam to spy on his gay roommate, who soon after committed suicide. The case has gotten national attention.

Don't Trip Over Your Digital Footprint

Whether you're a pop icon or a high school teenager, no one's immune from public scrutiny. A status update or 140 characters can be enough to seriously offend others, and ruin your reputation. Host Michel Martin takes a look at the pitfalls of social media with blogger Latoya Peterson, and high school "Twitter Principal" Eric Sheninger.