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Obama Meets With Tech Leaders, Taps Microsoft Exec To Fix

President Obama met with tech leaders Tuesday at the White House. The subject was the troubled Affordable Care Act website and the challenges of federal procurement. The president also tapped one of their own to take over the overhaul of Kurt DelBene, a former Microsoft executive and husband of Rep. Suzan DelBene.

Almost All Tech Execs At White House Supported Obama Campaign

President Obama is hosting a high-profile group of technology executives at the White House on Tuesday. Almost every one was a big financial backer of the president's political career. Chad Dickerson, chief executive of Etsy, is among the group but only gave $500 to the Obama campaign.
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Launch From Wallops Island May Be Delayed For ISS Repairs

Those hoping to see a rocket launch from Wallops Island this week may be disappointed, as problems aboard the International Space Station may push back the launch date.


Israeli Startup Offers Kids Social Media Training Wheels

Most social networks require users to be at least 13. But Itay Eshet's daughter, like many kids, wanted to join Facebook when she was just 10. So Eshet created a site just for younger kids, designed to protect them from bullying and other risks while teaching them to navigate social media safely.

Paul Walker, Boston Bombing Among Top 2013 Google Searches

The death of world leaders and celebrities dominated both world and U.S. searches. Oh, and lots of people also searched for the Harlem shake.

Fitbit Flex Tops Jaroslovsky's 2013 Tech Gift List

With holiday shopping well underway, Linda Wertheimer talks to tech journalist Rich Jaroslovsky about this year's non-obvious tech gifts. Among his picks is the Fitbit Flex and a talking smoke detector.

Is Silicon Valley Automating Our Obsolescence?

Silicon Valley has created mind-boggling amounts of wealth. Entire industries have been invented here. Billionaires are minted annually, but inequality is rising rapidly and the middle class is thinning out. Could the same technology that's making so many so rich undermine the labor market?

Here Are The Tech Execs Meeting With President Obama Tomorrow

The heads of Google, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo! and more are meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday. Check out the full list.

Seniors Talk Back About Tech In Their Lives

A few weeks ago, All Things Considered asked listeners to share how their relationship with technology has changed with age. From the tech savvy to the technologically slow, listeners responded with their stories.

Novice Neurosurgeons Train On Brains Printed In 3-D

Universities and hospitals are training residents by having them practice on realistic replicas of actual patients' brains. The high-tech stand-ins allow the students to learn by making mistakes, something they're not able to do when real patients are involved.