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How Data Determines Your Fate At The Airport

A recent news report raises concern about the secretive but extensive data mining used to screen travelers before they even arrive at the airport. We explore what the TSA and the airlines know about you and how they use it.


A School's iPad Initiative Brings Optimism And Skepticism

Coachella Valley Unified, a predominantly low-income, agricultural school district in California, is giving every student an iPad. The initiative highlights the problems that districts across the country are facing as they attempt to bring personalized, digital learning to their schools.

Gremlins And Glitches: Lexical Queries After

When it comes to describing problems with the Affordable Care Act website, one word has been used a lot: glitches. But does that really capture the major problems with And where does the word come from? Ben Zimmer, executive producer of and language columnist for The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the word's origins.

Why Engineers Want To Put B Vitamins In 3-D Printers

The chemicals used in some 3-D printers can be toxic to humans. So researchers are looking to use naturally occurring vitamin B2 instead. They have already been able to make intricate, microscopic structures with the vitamin-rich material.

Administration: A Month Needed To Fix Obamacare Enrollment Site

The administration official put in charge of fixing the site says it will be running "smoothly" by the end of November.

Tech Week: U.S. Spying, Health Site Blame Game And New iPads

In this week's tech roundup, the revelations from Edward Snowden that the U.S. spied on its global allies, the Apple iPad event and the ongoing fallout over, a system one source described as "too big to succeed."

A Diagram Of, Based On The People Who Built It

We used the testimonies of the biggest contractors involved with the application system to create this guide to how the site's various parts work together, and how the complex system for registering you for health insurance is supposed to work.

Twitter Sets Its IPO Price, Valuing Company At Around $11 Billion

Analysts said Twitter is picking a conservative price to avoid a Facebook scenario, where the stock tumbled shortly after its IPO.

The Obamacare Tech Mess? It's A Familiar Government Story

With its problems at launch, joined a long list of botched government technology projects. States and the feds often have a hard time making big tech systems work.

What's A 'Glitch,' Anyway? A Brief Linguistic History

From the moment President Obama warned the public there might be "glitches" with, the word has taken the spotlight. So we wondered: Where did this word come from? And how has its latest resurgence in popularity shaped its meaning?