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Surveillance Controversy: NSA Versus Tech Companies

National Security Agency officials say their relations with tech companies have been strained by the news of the agency's surveillance programs. Tech fortunes rest on the ability to keep their users' data secure, but the NSA wants access to that data.

The Case Against Hugging, Dead Authors, Sharon Jones

In this week's podcast, we hear a researcher's objections to hugging, comedian Paul F. Tompkins brings authors back from the dead, and Sharon Jones beats cancer and releases a long-awaited album.

Internet In America: An On Again, Off Again Relationship

For some Americans, getting high-speed Internet can be a challenge. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, consumers rate Internet service providers worse than airlines, the postal service and health insurance in terms of satisfaction.

A First Look At New Tech Products To Hit The Market

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas closed on Friday. Visitors were treated to more than 20,000 new products, with everything from Internet-connected clothing to giant television screens. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with reporter Steve Henn about some of the gadgets on the horizon.

Wearable Sensor Turns Color-Blind Man Into 'Cyborg'

Wearable devices were all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, from smart watches to Google Glass. NPR's Scott Simon talks to someone who has gone beyond wearable technology. Artist Neil Harbisson calls himself a cyborg. The co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation considers the device that he wears to correct color blindness to be an integral part of his body.

Neiman Marcus Says Hackers Stole Credit Card Data

The upscale retailer isn't yet saying how many customers might be at risk, but it is confirming that a breach of credit card data took place. The company says it learned of "potentially unauthorized payment card activity" before Christmas.
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Predicting The Future Of Tech In 2014 And Beyond

We explore how technology is changing our world, from the "Internet of things" that generate and transmit data about us to quantum computers that may soon think like humans.


Tech Week That Was: CES, T-Mobile CEO And Predictions For 2014

In this first full week of 2014, tech headlines came fast and furiously out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and beyond.

Startups Often Focus On Data Security Too Late, If At All

There's been a proliferation of devices that allow people to track their health and learn about potential medical problems. Startups offering digital services where customers quantify themselves in various ways are out in full force at the Consumer Electronics Show. But what are those companies doing to protect customer data?

Bitcoin Takes Stage In Texas Senate Campaign

A congressman vying for Sen. John Cornyn's seat announced that he'll accept campaign donations in bitcoin, raising questions about the value of the virtual currency in politics.