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State Department Computer Glitch Creates A Visa Nightmare

The problem has had a wide impact, keeping farmworkers, Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes and foreign students from entering the U.S. The agency has 100 experts working on a fix.

Solar-Powered Plane's Japan-Hawaii Flight Is Postponed

The Solar Impulse, an aircraft that generates power solely from the sun's energy, will leave on a trip of some 115 hours between Nagoya, Japan, and Hawaii.
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How Digital Games Can Help Kids Learn

A growing number of schools across the nation are using electronic games to teach students math, science and other subjects. Why some education experts believe digital play in the classroom is making kids smarter.


Storage Of License Plate Scanner Data Raises Privacy Concerns

Police across the country have collected an enormous amount of data with license plate readers over the past few years. But what does that data actually tell us and who can see it?

Taylor Swift Wins Battle With Apple Over Free Music Streaming

Pop star Taylor Swift picked a fight with Apple over the weekend, saying that artists should get paid in the free trial version of Apple's new music streaming service. She won the battle, but the streaming wars continue.

Police Use Stingray Tool To Intercept Cell Phone Signals

For All Tech Considered, NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC's "Note to Self" podcast, about an often unmentioned feature of your cell phone that may be helping law enforcement catch criminals.

The Human Drama Of Hacking Fuels TV Thriller 'Mr. Robot'

The new show, which focuses on a vigilante programmer, has gotten some rave reviews from real-life hackers. But the show's creator, Sam Esmail, says he wasn't inspired by any individuals in the news.

When The Local Paper Closes, Where Does The Community Turn?

Two Maryland papers shut down this week, leaving community members wondering where they should go to find local news. Some residents have turned to Facebook, but they say the papers leave a void.


Fitness App Aims To Deliver Live Feedback From A Personal Trainer 24/7

The Fitnet app uses your phone's camera to analyze your workout and give feedback. Next step is a live trainer on the other end. The hitch: Your Internet speed likely needs to be 40 times faster.

#NPRreads: Wealthier Grays And The Intersection Of Race And Guns

This week's selection of articles and essays covers a surprising economic fact about seniors, the psychological damage done to juveniles in solitary and a look at the South Carolina church shooting.