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Twitter Bans 'Breitbart' Editor For Sending Offensive Tweets To Leslie Jones

In an unusual move, Twitter has decided to ban a troll. The company suspended the account of a technology editor at the conservative news site Breitbart after he tweeted offensive posts to Leslie Jones, the Ghostbusters actress.

What Does It Take To Get Permanently Banned From Twitter?

Twitter says it's reviewing its hateful-conduct policy. The suspension of conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos has prompted a new focus on the company's ongoing struggle to reign in abusive messages.

Twitter Permanently Suspends Conservative Writer For Targeted Abuse

The suspension of Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos comes amid a recent campaign in which users tweeted hundreds of racist and abusive messages at Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.
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Uber Reaches Into Its Pockets To Handle Washington's SafeTrack-Related Demand

There had been speculation that SafeTrack would push riders off Metro, causing near-permanent surge pricing for Uber riders. Martin Di Caro looks at how they have worked to keep more drivers on the road and available.


Bookstore's Tweet Leads To Love, Then Marriage

In 2012, the corporate Twitter account for a bookstore in London posted a joke about Pokemon. "I'm in love," a woman responded. More tweets followed, then a date. The wedding was last weekend.

Why Some Diversity Thinkers Aren't Buying The Tech Industry's Excuses

Despite diversity efforts, Facebook and Google keep showing little change in the percentages of black, Latino and female workers. Facebook pins the problem on lack of talent in the education pipeline.

Can Big Data Help Head Off Police Misconduct?

An officer who has been under stress after responding to cases of domestic abuse or suicide may be at higher risk of a negative interaction with the public, a data scientist says.

Got Dense Breasts? That Can Depend On Who Is Reading The Mammogram

A big study suggests that radiologists vary widely in their assessment of density, a risk factor for breast cancer. And density is just one component of breast cancer risk, the researchers underscore.

'Zero Days' Documentary Exposes A Looming Threat Of The Digital Age

Filmmaker Alex Gibney's new documentary focuses on the large-scale implications of computer malware. Critic John Powers calls Zero Days an important — and chilling — film.

Rise And Fall Of Theranos In A Biotech Cartoon

Hollywood has already cast Jennifer Lawrence to star in a movie about the embattled biotech firm. How did founder Elizabeth Holmes go from self-made billionaire to an estimated worth of $0? Read on.