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Is It Possible To Create A Mind?

Siri can make an appointment for you. IBM's Watson beat a human contestant on Jeopardy. But will they ever really think? Futurist Ray Kurzweil shares his thoughts on the nature of the brain and describes how biological and technological advances might augment the human mind.

Good Tidings Of Great Joy: Google Maps App Released For iPhone

NPR's Steve Henn says the new Google Maps for iPhone is not only better than Apple's maps — it's also much better than the old Google app that had been on the iPhone from Day 1.

Protecting Kids' Digital Privacy

Think the apps your kids download are harmless? A federal government report says that may not be true. The investigation found that hundreds of popular mobile device apps have been collecting and sharing data about children. Host Michel Martin talks with Rey Junco of the Harvard Berkman Center, about how best to protect your kids' digital privacy.

The Late Whitney Houston Was The Year's Hottest Search

The singing superstar's Feb. 11 death sent fans rushing to the Web. Searches for information about her top those for "Gangnam style" and other hot topics, Google Says.

Who Needs College? Young Entrepeneuer Bets On Bright Idea For Solar Energy

Eden Full dropped out of Princeton to found a startup company that brings the solar panel technology she invented to developing countries as part of a fellowship. The unusual program, funded by tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, gives young people $100,000 to skip college and focus on their work and research instead.

Calorie Tracking Apps May Help Boost Weight Loss

A new study concludes that a mobile app can help boost weight loss, if it's used as part of a more comprehensive strategy. The findings speak to the importance of blending two successful weight loss strategies: tracking and group support.