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Game Developers Conference: Not Your Typical Tech Convention

Brian Crecente, who is covering the Game Developers Conference this week for the video game website Polygon, talks about the latest trends in the industry.

Twitter Tool Lets Users Revist First Tweets

To celebrate its eighth birthday, Twitter has put out a tool that lets you see any user's very first tweet. Some were naturals. Others might cringe at their first contribution.

When Robots Can Kill, It's Unclear Who Will Be To Blame

The Pentagon's Defense Department Research Agency — DARPA — is pushing to build a semi-autonomous search and rescue robot. But scientists see obvious dual uses, for war.

Sony Steps Into Virtual Reality With 'Project Morpheus'

At the annual Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco, Sony announced a project that will aim to add virtual reality to its Playstation 4 console.

Gender Disparities In Tech Flare Up Again: A Reading Guide

A female developer at GitHub resigns, saying the company has a clubby, intimidating culture, and debate brews over whether geeks can lead unwelcoming environments. Get caught up with these reads.

Lyndsey Scott: Runway Model And Tech Programmer

Victoria's Secret and Prada model Lyndsey Scott designs apps in her spare time. She talks about what drew her to computer science for Tell Me More's "Women in Tech" series.

U.S. Pulls Out Of ICANN — What Does That Spell For Internet Users?

The U.S. plans to give up oversight of the nonprofit that manages Internet names and addresses. Technology reporter Gauthem Nagesh of The Wall Street Journal explains what this means for the Internet.

Pizza, Perseverance And Skills At A Major League Hackathon

The University of Maryland has claimed the 2013 national hacking championship, beating out more than 100 schools for the title. Claudio Sanchez attends a college hacking tournament to find out more.
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Analysis: Maryland Rep. Ruppersberger Wants To End NSA's Bulk Data Collection

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) wants to end the bulk collection of cell of data of U.S. citizens. National Journal's Brendan Sasso offers the why and the how.


Brit Uses Shakespeare To Exact Revenge

Edd Joseph bought a game console online, but he never received it. So he took revenge by texting 37 full Shakespeare plays to the seller's phone. That's nearly 30,000 messages.