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A Picket Line At The Oscars: Visual-Effects Artists To Protest

For the second year, hundreds of visual-effects workers will be protesting instead of celebrating Hollywood's big night. They say subsidies luring studios abroad are draining the profession.

BuzzFeed Quizzes: What Data Set Do You Belong To?

A scroll through your Facebook News Feed will turn up BuzzFeed quizzes about what Harry Potter character you are. Ad Age reporter Kate Kaye tells NPR's Scott Simon what BuzzFeed's doing with all the quiz data.

With Teens And Social Media, Lack Of Context Is Everything

Social media star Danah Boyd's new book on teens, It's Complicated, argues that most adults misread and overreact to the online lives of young people. (This story originally aired on Feb. 25, 2014.)

Joint Surveillance Program Stores Millions Of Yahoo Webcam Images

Secret documents provided by Edward Snowden reveal a program shared by the National Security Agency and the UK's surveillance agency. Spencer Ackerman of The Guardian explains "Optic Nerve."

As Police Monitor Social Media, Legal Lines Become Blurred

Police are buying software programs that help them track suspicious activity on the Web. But they come with a risk: If they're used too aggressively, the department could end up in court.
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New Concerns Over Net Neutrality

With the soaring popularity of video streaming, a deal between Netflix and Comcast raises new questions about net neutrality and the future of equal access on the Internet.


Venezuela Protests Proof President Maduro Lacks Chavez Charisma

Violent protests have filled the streets in Venezuela for the past two weeks. Tell Me More gets the latest from freelance journalist Andrew Rosati in Caracas.

MtGox Files For Bankruptcy; Nearly $500M Of Bitcoins Lost

The bitcoin exchange says it was hacked. Investors likely have little chance of getting their money — real or virtual — back.

A Smartphone That Tries To Slip You Off The Grid

The Android-based Blackphone, set to hit the market this summer, will help answer the question of whether consumers are willing to pay for privacy.

A Win For Fair Use After Record Label, Copyright Lawyer Settle

Liberation Music threatened to sue Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig over a song he used in one of his lectures. Lessig sued back, and now the label is taking a look at its own copyright policies.