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Could Malaysian Military Have Prevented Jet's Disappearance?

At one point, Malaysian military radar saw Flight 370 flying back west over Malaysia and toward the Andaman Sea. Why didn't Malaysia scramble jets and try to either stop or follow the plane?

For Pro Sports, Public Relations Going High-Tech, Real Time

The NFL, NASCAR and others have built social media command centers to engage directly with fans during live events.

Report: NSA Can Record, Store Phone Conversations Of Whole Countries

Based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the Washington Post reports the U.S. has the capability to record "100 percent" of a country's phone calls.

How Parents Are Leading The Revolution For Girls In Tech

Tell Me More learns different ways parents can integrate science and tech into their families from math professor Rachel Levy, her daughter Mimi Kome, and educational technologist Iman Saint Jean.

Weekly Innovation: Paper Notebooks That Become Digital Files

This week's innovation pick marries good old-fashioned notebooks with digital storage options. That way you can keep your ideas and sketches in the cloud and access them when you need.

Investors Pool Money Online To Buy Real Estate

The crowdfunding trend — where people donate money through sites like Kickstarter to back projects — has grown quickly. Now investors are pooling their money online to buy real estate.

With Google's Robot-Buying Binge, A Hat Tip To The Future

The price and difficulty of building robots has fallen, and Google has scooped a half-dozen robotics firms. It's a safe bet that bots will be an increasing part of our workplaces and daily lives.

Computers That Know What You Need, Before You Ask

Programs — some already on your smartphone — are preparing useful information based on your past behavior, ushering in the era of predictive, or anticipatory, computing.
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Choosing A Cell Phone And Mobile Data Plan

A wave of new offers from cell phone carriers leaves consumers confused about data plans, phone upgrades and how to save money. We explore changes in the industry and how to find the best deal.


Google Glass: Coming Soon To A Campaign Trail Near You

Google Glass is still in the testing phase and still rather expensive, but that hasn't stopped political professionals from looking for ways Google Glass can become a powerful tool for campaigns.