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Is The Obamacare Website Not Spanish Friendly?

The federal healthcare website seems to be running more smoothly now, but many Spanish speakers are reportedly still struggling with it. Host Michel Martin finds out why from Laura Martinez of CNET en Espanol, and Daniela Hernandez of Kaiser Health News.

Researchers Are Totes Studying How Ppl Shorten Words On Twitter

The team at Dartmouth College mined 180 million tweets from 900,000 users to understand word clippings — like "awks" as "awkward." The researchers want to understand how such words originate and how they spread.

News Match Game: Leaders And Tweeters

Politicians of the world have caught on to the fact that Twitter can help get out the party line.

Obama Expected To Say NSA Should Not Hold 'Metadata'

One change that privacy advocates have been pushing for is that the NSA no longer store the records from millions of phone calls — including those of Americans. Officials are telling Reuters and NPR that the president will endorse the idea of having a third party, not the NSA, hold that data.

By Tracking Sugar In Tears, Contact Lens Offers Hope For Diabetics

Despite the technical feat, researchers say that much basic research remains, and the relationship between glucose and tears is still unproven.

'Google Glass Driver' Is Cleared In San Diego Court

A California Highway Patrol officer gave Cecilia Abadie two citations last October. At the time, she said the officer seemed "very annoyed" that she was wearing Google Glass.

What Do You Do If Your Refrigerator Begins Sending Malicious Emails?

Consumers are beginning to buy Internet-connected appliances, but companies haven't done enough to protect the machines from hackers, says an information security expert.

NSA Reportedly Collected Millions Of Phone Texts Every Day

A presentation slide cited by The Guardian is subtitled "SMS Text Messages: A Goldmine to Exploit." The top secret Dishfire text-collection program was reportedly both global and arbitrary.
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Mid-Atlantic Gadget 'Geeks' Pursue Passion for Antique Radios

Members of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club say old radios are more than just electronics; they're works of art.


Teju Cole Writes A Story A Tweet At A Time

Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole has always used Twitter in creative ways. He recently asked a few dozen followers to tweet one line each, which he turned into a short story. Cole tells host Michel Martin more about the project.