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Supersonic Jet Throws Traditional Design 'Out The Window'

An 18-passenger plane created by a Boston-based company will feature windowless travel. Instead, cameras outside the aircraft will project images onto thin screens, giving passengers panoramic views.

Do Tech Startups Need More Soul?

Race and gender gaps can prevent people from getting the skills to make it in the tech world. But if you have what it takes, how do you get your startup off the ground?

If You've Ignored Bitcoin Up Until Now, This One's For You

If the idea of a crypto-currency confuses you to the point of avoiding the topic altogether, you're missing out on some good stuff worthy of a Dan Brown novel.

iOS 6 Users Left In The Lurch After Security Flaw Discovered

Apple recently found a critical bug in its mobile and desktop systems. Unfortunately, the security fix won't help you if you haven't updated your mobile device to iOS 7.

ISO Romance: Dating Sites Help Older Singles

Nearly 40 percent of Americans over 50 are single, and many are looking for love online. As one site user says, "I don't want to live the last 10 years of my life alone."

Massive Digital Heist Allegedly Hits Bitcoin Market

MtGox, the leading bitcoin exchange, has stopped doing business amid reports it was hit by a massive theft. The troubles at the exchange could prove to be a pivotal moment for the virtual currency.

For Those Unable To Talk, A Machine That Speaks Their Voice

Most people diagnosed with the devastating Lou Gehrig's disease will lose their ability to speak. But one man in Washington state recorded his own voice onto a machine that will one day talk for him.

Facebook Shuts Down Its Email Service Since No One Used It

Facebook sent a note to all its users that the email service is going away. It will reroute any email to the default address associated with user accounts.
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Maryland's Troubled Health Care Exchange

After months of technical and other glitches with Maryland's health care exchange website, state health officials this week terminated their contract with the company that built the site, echoing a move in January by the federal government.


Online, Researcher Says, Teens Do What They've Always Done

In the world of social media research, Danah Boyd is a star. She says most adults misread and overreact to the online lives of teenagers. But as the title of her new book suggests, It's Complicated.