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What's Mine Is Yours (For A Price) In The Sharing Economy

More and more people have started using the Internet to rent out their underused personal assets — apartments, cars, their spare time — to earn extra cash. The peer-to-peer economy is exploding, made possible by technology.

For A Few Hundred Bucks, You Can Make Your Own 3-D Printer

You can print out almost anything with a 3-D printer, from weapons and prosthetic hands to Yoda figurines. Sure, you can buy a 3-D printer. But what if you wanted to make one yourself? It's easier than you might think.

Do For-Profit Schools Give Poor Kenyans A Real Choice?

American entrepreneurs in Kenya are attempting to fundamentally transform education for some of the poorest kids in the world — while making a profit. Classes are large, and lessons are standardized. Some education leaders worry that private, for-profit schools undermine struggling public education systems.

Have Bitcoin To Burn? Next Stop Could Be The Farm

There aren't many businesses accepting Bitcoin just yet, so what's bringing together the futuristic currency with the age-old profession of farming? Some say credit card fees play a big role.

What Today's Online Sharing Companies Can Learn From Napster

Perhaps no company showed how the Internet could turn sharing into a global phenomenon more than Napster. The music-sharing site upended the record industry. But the industry ultimately survived and free-music Napster did not. What are new businesses doing to avoid the same fate?

Share And Share Alike: A Time Of Collaborative Consumption

From renting lightly used gowns to assembling Ikea furniture, things or tasks can now easily be rented or outsourced. Fast Company writer Danielle Sacks discusses the implications of the sharing economy and where it goes from here.

A Few Places Where Government Tech Procurement Works's troubled rollout highlights a systemic problem — the way governments purchase and plan for tech projects. Even President Obama is now calling for procurement reform. But a handful of places are finding ways to solve the problem.

Amazon Taps Post Office For Sunday Deliveries; A Win-Win?

The Postal Service has struck a deal. Starting with New York and Los Angeles, it will deliver Amazon's packages on Sundays. More cities will be added next year. The early analyses are that both sides of the deal will benefit.
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Amazon, The U.S. Postal Service And The Push To Expand Same-Day Delivery

Amazon will use the U.S. Postal Service for Sunday deliveries in New York and Los Angeles with plans to expand the service to other cities. How the push toward same-day delivery is transforming online shopping and the retail industry.


Five Things That Have Gone The Way Of Blockbuster

As the video rental store closes its last doors, Weekend Edition takes a look at other once-ubiquitous things that have disappeared, or are well on their way.