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Europe vs. Google: "The Right to be Forgotten"

The European Court of Justice ruled this week that Google must remove certain links in search results if people ask to have them taken down. The case involves the so-called right to be forgotten and a Spanish man upset that searches of his...


Jay Z Has Another Problem To Add To His 99

Social media is still buzzing about the video of Beyonce's younger sister Solange attacking Jay Z while leaving a party. But is it any of our business? The Beauty Shop ladies weigh in.

'I'm Happy,' Says Man Whose Case Changed Europe's Rules For Google

The Spanish man whose court battle against Google brought a win for the "right to be forgotten" says he's pleased — and that Google is even better now.

How Funny Or Die Makes Room For What Works

Funny Or Die, a site founded by comedians including Will Ferrell, is finding ways to channel the loose comedy of the Internet into projects both online and on television.

EU Court Tells Google That People Have 'The Right To Be Forgotten'

Europe's highest court has issued a landmark decision against Google, ruling that people can go directly to Google and request that the search engine delete certain results about them. For more information, Audie Cornish turns to Meg Ambrose, a professor of communication, culture, and technology at Georgetown University.

A Spoon That Shakes To Counteract Hand Tremors

A young engineer working on an Army project to help stabilize weapons realized the technology could also help some Parkinson's patients with essential tasks.

Big Questions Now That Europeans Can Edit Google Search Results

The ruling by the European Union's highest court will require Google to remove material that citizens find embarrassing or harmful. But how does this play out, practically?

Parents Draw The Line On Teen Relationships And Social Media

Teen performer Willow Smith's mom says the Instagram photo of her daughter laying in bed with an older shirtless man is no big deal. But some say it's creepy. Tell Me More's parenting panel weighs in.

Coming Soon To Your TV: Campaign Ads Targeted At You

Soon, you could be watching political ads based on your television viewing habits and the information the political parties have collected about your gender, party registration and voting habits.

Google Must Delete Personal Data When Asked, European Court Says

The case started when a Spanish man was irked that a 1998 notice about his home being repossessed was still online. Privacy advocates are welcoming a win for the "right to be forgotten."