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What Parents Need To Know About Big Data And Student Privacy

States are tracking students as early as preschool. Better data could boost the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning. But it can also be exposed to hackers and marketers.
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Uber On Defensive As Regulators Weigh New Rules

A series of high profile accidents across the country have called into question the insurance policies held by UberX drivers, especially in light of a hearing later this week on proposed regulations for ridesharing services.


Why Companies Have Trouble Adapting To Twitter

The New York police got an eyeful when it put a call out on Twitter for images of officers. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to professor Zeynep Tufekci about how companies adjust to social media.

A New Vision For Online Dating: A Profile In Pictures

Yet another digital dating model is on the horizon — one where user profiles are built completely from images. And it's not the kind of photos you might think.

E.T.'s Home Is Found: Trove Of Atari Games Unearthed At Landfill

For decades, it was mere legend: an "Atari Dump" rumored to harbor millions of copies of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, a video game so bad that burying it in the desert seemed the best way to move on.

Stopping Link Rot: Aiming To End A Virtual Epidemic

Getting a "File Not Found" or "Error 404" message is annoying, but in the academic world, it can be a minor tragedy. One professor explains why we need those pages, and what's being done to save them.

Tech Week: Look At The Cloud, Aereo In Court, Net Neutrality

Where's your digital stuff? These days, probably in the cloud. We explored just what the cloud is and the implications of its growth. Also in the news: arguments over the future of TV and Web traffic.

You Love The Cloud, But It May Not Be As Secure As You Think

People are storing more and more stuff online: photos, music, documents — even books. But if you're storing your digital belongings in the cloud, you should know you're giving up some rights.

Space X To Protest No-Bid National Security Contracts

The space startup says its rockets are capable of carrying satellites for the Air Force and it can do so cheaper than Boeing and Lockheed.

Cliven Bundy, #myNYPD: Public Relations Fails?

Both rancher Cliven Bundy and the New York Police Department had a rough week in the spotlight. The Barbershop guys weigh in on the risks of talking or tweeting too much.