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Microsoft Responds To Fan Outcry, Changes Xbox One Policies

Microsoft has changed policies regarding Internet connection and used game capabilities for its upcoming Xbox One gaming console. The company says it is responding to feedback from consumers.

Federal Agents Accuse Two Of Plotting Deadly X-Ray Weapon

Officials say the suspects did not acquire a radiation source for a weapon, but they finished building a remote control that was meant to operate it.

FBI Director Says Agency Is Using Drones Over The U.S.

Robert Mueller told the Senate the FBI used drones rarely and for surveillance proposes. The DEA and the ATF had both revealed they possessed drones.

U.S. Automakers Are On A Roll, But Hiring Is Slow And Steady

Profits for the nation's carmakers are on the rise, but after years of doing more with less, higher profits are unlikely to translate into significant numbers of new jobs. There are eight fewer plants and hundreds of thousands fewer workers in the industry than before the Great Recession.

Amazon Cuts Ties In Minnesota Ahead Of New Sales Tax

Amazon ends the contracts of people and businesses that are paid for sending customers to the retailer. The company has taken similar steps in other states that have passed laws like Minnesota's new sales tax legislation.

Teens Find The Right Tools For Their Social-Media Jobs

There was a time — a time long, long ago — when MySpace dominated the teen social-media world. Not anymore. NPR's Sami Yenigun looks at how teenagers use various social platforms in today's increasingly segmented online universe.

Google's 'Internet Balloons' Could Expand Online Access

Google's "Project Loon" just launched in New Zealand — it uses balloons floating in the stratosphere to bring high-speed Internet access to remote areas.

'Guardian': Documents Show Britain, U.S. Spied At World Summits

This is the latest revelation to come from documents leaked by Edward Snowden. They purportedly show that Britain and the United States spied on their allies during G-20 summit meetings in England in 2009.

The Implications Of Drones In U.S. Airspace

The Federal Aviation Administration is working on new regulations that would allow the use of small, commercial drones. Texas and 30 states are crafting their own laws to rein in these flying robots before they leave the ground.