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Storm Shelter App Helps Pinpoint People Amid Tornado's Rubble

After a tornado hits, emergency crews looking for survivors in storm shelters face a problem: Streets and landmarks are suddenly unrecognizable. One Moore, Okla., firefighter developed an app to help.

Saying It Was Hacked, EBay Urges Users To Change Passwords

EBay says that it hasn't seen any sign of fraudulent activity since the breach was detected "about two weeks ago." It says it stores financial data and customer records in different places.

When Doctors Play This Game, You Get Better Medical Care

Who doesn't like a contest, especially if it lets you prove that you're smarter than your peers? When doctors played a game that tests their knowledge, patients' blood pressure control improved.
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Coding and the Computer Science Conundrum

Kojo explores local and national efforts to boost computer science competency, and learns how educators are revamping computational learning to give it relevance far beyond the classroom.


Big Deals: We Charted Billion-Dollar Tech Buyouts Since 2002

Lately, there have been so many big technology acquisitions in the headlines that it's hard to keep them straight. Check out our visualization of the most notable tech takeovers of recent years.

To Combat Malware Tool, U.S. Undertakes Massive Cyber Crackdown

U.S. officials announced they've arrested over 90 people in 19 countries for using and distributing a malware tool that makes cybercrime simple. Brian Krebs of the website Krebs on Security explains.

In China, Anger At U.S. Hacking Charges — And Claims Of Hypocrisy

Citing U.S. surveillance and wiretapping operations, China says the U.S. has double standards on cybersecurity. The angry response came a day after the U.S. accused five Chinese officials of hacking.

St. Louis Holds Competition To Attract Startups

The competition, called the Arch Grants, gives $50,000 to 20 young businesses. In exchange for the money, the winners will have to move their businesses to St. Louis.

The Blogging Battlegrounds Of Eastern Ukraine

A social media struggle is unfolding in eastern Ukraine, as bloggers on both Ukrainian and separatist sides plead their cases. But many find they face surveillance, trolls and threats as they work.

The Rise Of Blogger-Activists, And The Regimes That Rule By Fear

Emily Parker, author of Now I Know Who My Comrades Are, joins the program to explain how the Internet is helping to change activism.