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U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Chinese Officials Over Cyberspying

The Justice Department accuses five Chinese officials of stealing trade secrets by spying using military and intelligence facilities. These are the first charges of their kind to be made by the U.S.

The Making Of 'Cyber Seniors' Spurs Competitive Videos

Filmmaker Saffron Cassaday was shooting a documentary called Cyber Seniors when the story took an unexpected twist.

Filtering A New Idea: A Book That's Educational And 'Drinkable'

Improving access to clean water can reduce the spread of diarrheal diseases in developing countries. The "Drinkable Book" should help: It has water safety tips and each page works as a filter.

A Worldwide Voyage To Prove Stars, Wind And Waves Are Enough

An ambitious journey by canoe gets underway in Hawaii on Saturday: Two double-hulled vessels will set sail on a three-year journey around the world.

A School Lunch Denied Prompts Powerful Action In A World Of Words

Tweeting and blogging make it easy to complain in the virtual world. Instead, an outraged Michigan mom took a step to make a difference in real life.

Tech Week: The Right To Be Forgotten And The Open Internet

In this week's roundup, a European court says private citizens will be able to get Google to remove certain search results. And, a look at what's next for the FCC's Internet regulations.

Apple, Google, Agree To Drop Patent Infringement Dispute

The highest-profile suit between the two companies involved one patent essential to the way cellphones operate on a 3G network.
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Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra

The former chief of technology for the state of Virginia and then the the United States says technology and innovation can transform government.


European Ruling On Removing Google Links May Leave A Mess

Europeans now have the right to have search results about them deleted from online databases. But legal experts say each of the EU's 28 countries could interpret the decision differently.

Is It Donald Sterling's Right To Fight For His Team?

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling will reportedly fight the NBA to keep his team. The Barbershop guys weigh in on that feud, and Solange and Jay-Z's elevator dust-up.