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NSA Chief Faces Tough Crowd At Hacker Conference

On Wednesday, the head of the National Security Agency, Gen. Keith Alexander, addressed a tech conference in Las Vegas called Black Hat. He spoke before a sometimes hostile crowd of hackers — computer security experts and technology executives.

Beyond .Com: Some See Confusion In Internet Domain Expansion

As early as September new Internet suffixes — from .nyc to .google to .ngo — will begin rolling out. It's a controversial plan that raised concerns about fraud, trademark infringement and customer confusion, but the Web's governing body says those issues have been addressed.

Tampon Marketing Gets Real For The Social Media Age

An online video spot for HelloFlo breaks the familiar mold of cheesy tampon commercials in a clever way. Ad watchers say it's a reflection of the open, transparent conversations spurred by social media.

NSA Director Speaks At Hacker Conference With Mixed Reviews

Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, spoke Wednesday at Black Hat, a hackers conference in Las Vegas.

The Online Underworld's Elaborate Prank To Ship Heroin

The online cybercrime underworld orchestrated an elaborate scheme to purchase heroin and have it mailed to a privacy and security journalist's home.

Weekly Innovation: A Better Travel Neck Pillow

It's called the Nap Anywhere, and the doctor who invented it promises it's far more comfortable — and easier to pack — than the standard inflatable U-shaped travel pillow you know well.

New Health Exchanges: What You Need To Know

On October 1st, online health insurance exchanges open up as part of the Affordable Care Act. Kaiser Health News' Mary Agnes Carey speaks to host Michel Martin about what will change, and how you can prepare for the roll-out.

Facebook Sees Its Shares Hit $38 IPO Price

It has been more than a year since Facebook's stock debuted at $38 in its initial public offering. But after a problematic start and a slide below $20 last year, the company saw its shares' value reach that initial price again in early trading Wednesday, one week after it reported strong results.

An Inside Look At The Hacker Conferences

Computer hackers are converging on Las Vegas this week to attend the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences.

Scott Simon On Sharing His Mother's Final Moments On Twitter

The Weekend Edition host used Twitter to share his observations and feelings in the final, tender moments of his mother's life. In a conversation with NPR's Audie Cornish, Simon remembers his late mom and explains how the social media community bolstered his spirits in a time of grieving.