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So McCain Plays Games On His Phone When He's Bored; Do You?

The Arizona senator was spotted playing a game on his phone as other lawmakers debated whether to strike Syria. "Scandal!" he later tweeted, with tongue firmly in cheek. Be honest, have you ever surreptitiously done such a thing during a boring meeting?

Tailgaters Rejoice! This Cooler Keeps Beers Cold Without Ice

Just in time for the return of football season comes the Case Coolie, an innovation that aims to put an end to packing and hauling a cooler around. "It's a waste of electricity to freeze the ice and a waste of water," says product co-founder Nick Niehaus.

Social Media Erupt On News Of Ariel Castro's Death

The man who tortured three young women for about a decade inside his Cleveland home apparently took his own life Tuesday in an Ohio prison. As Americans wake up to that news, many are expressing their outrage over his crimes and the way he reportedly chose to leave this world.

For Biographers, The Past Is An Open (Electronic) Book

Biographers of Gandhi or Catherine the Great could rely on paper archives, but those days are fading fast. WNYC's Ilya Marritz reports that that old ways of digging up the past are changing as people rely more and more on electronic communication.

Facebook Chats Prompt At-Risk Minority Men To Get HIV Tests

One of the biggest challenges in public health challenges is reaching people in vulnerable groups. Often influential peers are recruited to help spread the word. When that technique was transferred to Facebook, at-risk Latino and African American Men were more likely to get an HIV test.

Beyond The Shadows: Apple's iOS 7 Is All About The Screen

The new mobile operating system's design acknowledges that we no longer need physical analogs — like a camera shutter or old-timey microphone — to describe an app's function. Tech writer Alexis Madrigal says its release will trigger the largest and fastest change in the history of computer software.

Managing Money: There's An App For That

An endless number of personal finance apps help consumers keep track of their money. Host Michel Martin speaks with Lisa Gerstner of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, about the different options for tracking savings and spending on mobile devices.

Software Helps Keep Your Shopping In Check

When you're out shopping, it may be a little difficult to make smart money decisions - especially when those perfect shoes are calling your name. Omar Green wants to help; his company is developing software that tracks spending and - just like mom - reminds you about your financial goals.

The Lava Lamp Has Turned 50; Here's Some Groovy Video

Five decades ago the trippy light went on sale in the U.K. If you don't have one in the attic, this video may suffice.

For Microsoft, Nokia's Phones Are 'Key To Everything'

Microsoft is spending $7.2 billion for Nokia's mobile phones business. The thinking, analysts say, is that to succeed in other areas — tablets and PCs — Microsoft needs to build its Windows Phone business.