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A Rush To Reconcile Health Enrollment Data, By Hand

Problems persist on the back end of, which must process accurate enrollment information so insurers can receive premium payments and start coverage for consumers. Reconciliation of the data just started this week, as time to fix problems is running out.

Rule Allowing In-Flight Phone Calls Clears First FCC Hurdle

The communications agency's commissioners voted 3-2 to consider new rules allowing voice calls while jetliners are in the air — something that's been forbidden on U.S. flights. But the head of the Department of Transportation says he's "concerned" by the prospect of such calls.

With One Photo, The Average Commute Becomes Super Special

We asked you to photograph your commute. We had no idea you would make such connections!

Amid Cuts And Tax Hikes, Tech Companies Get Love in Ireland

Ireland has made a concerted effort to grow its tech industry, through tax incentives and development programs. Officials credit the initiative with helping uplift the country's economy. But the country has also faces local and international criticism for its approach.

The Things We Did And Said In 2013, According To Facebook

After a few moments of review, the top life events people reported in 2013 can read like a 10-sentence short story — perhaps a fable, or a coming-of-age tale. In the U.S., hot topics included the Super Bowl, Pope Francis, and the Harlem Shake.

'Civic Tech' Skips The Red Tape

If you've ever spent a day on hold with a government agency, you know there has to be a better way. Now, the emerging field of 'civic tech' is trying to find it. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Roxann Stafford of Design Muse to learn more.

Kids Create Mobile Apps In the Classroom

Some of the best new digital apps are coming from the youngest tech innovators. Middle school students Xavier Manning and Ciara Chase created apps that make their community better: from improving garbage collection to finding missing teens. Guest host Celeste Headlee talk to the students, and their guidance counselor Carletta Hurt.

Robots Could Help Farmers Rein In Fertilizer Pollution

When it comes time to fertilizing a cornfield, most farmers use huge machines that weigh at least 10 tons. But three brothers in Minnesota have created a tiny robot they say can do the same job much more efficiently.
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Shop Class Of The Future: Maryland High School Offers Course On Drones

Students in Anne Arundel County are getting a glimpse of the future, with a course in the county's STEM program that lets them build, maintain and fly drone aircraft.


Teens Dig Digital Privacy, If Snapchat Is Any Indication

The track record of products designed for digital privacy has been abysmal — at least until recently. Snapchat, wildly popular among teens, is changing assumptions about young people's desire for digital privacy. But it's not clear whether the trend will stick.