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U.S. Opposes Tech Firms' Plea To Release Surveillance Requests

The U.S. was responding to a lawsuit by Google and Microsoft, demanding more information be made public. When the government makes national security requests for user data — like the content of email — it also comes with a gag order.

Your Digital Trail: Does The Fourth Amendment Protect Us?

Could government agents really get access to all your private data in less than a minute? Experts say no but warn we are moving in that direction.

iPad Program At L.A. Schools Needs Fine Tuning

Steve Inskeep talks to Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy about the district's $1 billion iPad initiative, which aims to put a tablet in the hands of every student over the next year. The plan has prompted questions about the role of technology in the classroom, and the extent to which it can enhance teaching and improve student achievement.

Tech Problems Plague First Day Of Health Exchange Rollout

Many users trying to sign up for the new health care marketplace on Tuesday hit technical glitches and slow downs. Programmers say the tech powering Obamacare online can be very complicated. And the administration urges patience.

Agency Websites Shut Down With The Government

If you're trying to look up some key facts on or several other federal sites, you're out of luck. Many government websites, including those for the Library of Congress and USDA, were taken offline.

Your Digital Trail: Private Company Access

Data we voluntarily provide online — such as on dating websites — may not stay with that site. While not always obvious, websites commonly allow other companies to track user behavior.

Reporting On The Shutdown ... One Facebook Post At A Time

As the government endures a partial shutdown, we hear stories from people around the country whose lives have been affected. For additional perspective, host Michel Martin is joined by NPR business editor Marilyn Geewax, and Sudeep Reddy, of The Wall Street Journal.

300 Sandwiches: The Secret To Boyfriend's Heart?

New York Post reporter Stephanie Smith sparked a firestorm online when she wrote about her plan to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches - in exchange for an engagement ring. Host Michel Martin talks to Smith about her project and the reaction to it.

FAA May Stop Making You Power Off Those Electronics

An expert advisory committee recommended Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration allow the use of some personal electronic devices during takeoff and landing. But while many passengers are eager to use their tablets and music players all flight long, it may be months before any rules are changed.

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