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Three Tips For Microsoft's Next CEO

As speculation begins about who will replace Steve Ballmer as CEO, NPR's Steve Henn has some advice for his successor: Take bigger risks — and more of them. Do more to encourage innovation and don't forget the PC just yet.

Why It's Difficult To Find Full Video Of King's Historic Speech

Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech is copyrighted, limiting its presence online. One organization, however, has decided to provide ready access to the video.

Tech Week That Was: National Security, Privacy And Ballmer

Further fallout from the National Security Agency leaks dominated the news as the partner of a Guardian reporter was detained in the U.K. and word emerged that hard drives at the newspaper had been destroyed. And Steve Ballmer's departure announcement raised speculation about who will succeed him as Microsoft's CEO.

Class Of Dreams: Students Take On Dr. King's Legacy

This summer, Tell Me More has been asking listeners for their version of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous 'I Have a Dream' speech. Notre Dame Professor Maria McKenna took it to another level and pitched the question to her class. She tells us about some of the common threads from the assignment and the parallels between education and civil rights.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Retiring Within The Next Year

Steve Ballmer became the company's CEO in January 2000. In recent years, Microsoft has come under increasing criticism for not keeping up with the shift to mobile phones.

Nasdaq Glitch Is The Latest Technical Snafus For Markets

New questions are being raised about the reliability of U.S. financial markets after all trading in Nasdaq stocks was shut down for three hours on Thursday. Nasdaq blamed the problem on its system for quoting prices. The trading halt immediately led to calls for markets to make their software systems more robust and compatible.

Future Historians: Good Luck Sifting Through Obama Video

While a photographer has been an official part of the White House staff since John F. Kennedy was president, an official videographer is something new. Scholars say the thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage could be a vital resource, but it may not be very easy to use.

How A Look At Your Gmail Reveals The Power Of Metadata

The NSA says it's only examining traffic information, not the content of Americans' phone calls. How much can that information tell you? Quite a lot, and in some ways it's more useful than actual content. NPR's Larry Abramson learns what analysts can discover about his life and contacts just by looking at his Gmail account.

Facebook CEO's Internet Crusade Hopes To Bring Billions Online

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has teamed up with other tech giants to pursue the goal of providing Internet service to five billion people in the developing world. The group, called, says data can be used more efficiently and participating partners can work cooperatively to make access to the web affordable in emerging economies. Zuckerberg makes the case on his Facebook page for how a global Internet infrastructure can be created. But the document doesn't have tangible commitments from Facebook or other participating companies.

Secret Court: NSA Surveillance Program Was Unconstitutional

The government culled thousands of emails between Americans and misrepresented its surveillance efforts at least three times in three years, a 2011 FISA court opinion says.