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What You Emailed Us About Using The 'ACC'

After we introduced a name for that annoying email practice of strategically cc-ing a manager to gain an upper hand, you responded with an avalanche of email. Here's a sample of your thoughts.

The Worst Kind Of Email CC: Not A BCC, But An A(nnoying)CC

The irritating practice of copying a third party on an email conversation to undermine the original party's position should have a name. We're calling it an acc.

Weekly Innovation: Pampering Your Pooch From Afar

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old's device allows you to video chat with your dog and dispense treats with a digital command. She's hoping it will help with separation anxiety — both for humans and pets.

Latest MacArthur Geniuses Include Sound Savior

Experimental physicist Carl Haber is among 24 people receiving $625,000 awards for their work. He heard on NPR that historic recordings were in danger of being lost. Using techniques that allow scientists to track atomic particles, he developed a way to preserve those sounds.

Accessible Designs Could Help Us All — But Only If Firms Bite

Computer technology offers us abilities we could once only dream about. But many companies have yet to recognize the commercial opportunity in making products for the disabled. Some argue that ignoring accessibility issues completely is a multi-billion dollar mistake.

E-Readers Make Reading Easier For People Who Are Dyslexic

A study shows that e-readers help people with dyslexia comprehend text.

The Mystery Of $600 Million Traded In The Blink Of An Eye

Somehow, information about the Fed's bond buying decision got into computers in Chicago faster than the speed of light. Those milliseconds meant millions.

Deal Would Take Ailing BlackBerry Private

The $4.7 billion deal comes just days after BlackBerry announced a nearly $1 billion quarterly loss, and that it was shedding about 40 percent of its workforce. David Greene talks to Bloomberg Technology Columnist Rich Jaroslovsky about the deal to sell BlackBerry.

Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah

Even as it continues to grapple with concerns about its data-gathering operations, the National Security Agency is poised to open a massive facility where cellphone, text message, email and landline data can be stored and analyzed.

Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General

Nineteen companies agreed to pay more than $350,000 in penalties to settle accusations that they wrote or bought phony online reviews of their products, services or restaurants.