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Apple Unveils New iPhones — One Innovative, One Cheap

Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals two new iPhone models — one includes a fingerprint reader to unlock the device, and a less advanced model is aimed at the cost-conscious consumer.

Gotta Be Honest, We're Not That Geeked About Apple's Reveal

Apple's latest iPhone announcement, expected later Tuesday, shows the company is getting more incremental in its innovation than revolutionary. But that doesn't mean that the hype machine isn't in full swing.

Is The iPhone Losing Out In The Chinese Market?

Although many of its phones are made in China, Apple has struggled with sales in the world's largest smartphone market. A cheaper iPhone may attract more consumers — but it could also lose some of its cachet. The company also faces competition from Asian rivals who offer cheaper phones.

Got 'Ya Web: Jimmy Kimmel Was Behind 'Worst Twerk Fail EVER'

Sorry everyone, last week's viral video of a young woman's yoga pants catching fire during a twerking mishap wasn't "real." ABC-TV's late night jokester was behind the hoax.

Smartwatch Is Next Step In 'Quantified Self' Life-Logging

Smartwatches are capturing imaginations because of what they can measure about their wearers. A watch touches your skin, so it can take your pulse, measure your temperature and record the quality of your sleep.

VIDEO: 'I Killed A Man' Confessor Is Indicted

Matthew Cordle's online confession that he was driving drunk when he caused a fatal accident has gone viral. On Monday, it was announced that a grand jury has indicted the 22-year-old Cordle on a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. He could go to jail for more than eight years.
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Small Businesses And Technology

Time and money are often in short supply for small business owners, and investing in technology doesn't always rise to the top of their priority lists. We consider new options for small businesses on the tech front, with a look at local programs and national trends.


Net Neutrality In Court: Here's What You Need To Know

In a potentially landmark case, judges will decide whether the federal government can enforce rules and laws around broadband as it becomes more central to our culture and economy.
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NSA Surveillance And The Legacy Of 9/11

Kojo examines new revelations about NSA surveillance and explores the tension between national security and personal privacy.


Verizon, FCC Go To Court Over Net Neutrality

Opening statements in the court case FCC vs. Verizon begin Monday. This case could determine the FCC's legal ability to enforce the principle known as net neutrality. At issue is whether the federal government may block Internet service providers from slowing or blocking certain online content.