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Plastic Guns Made With 3-D Printers Pose New Security Concerns

Agents at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have spent months testing new plastic weapons, and report that the guns can be lethal and hard to detect. The findings come just as a federal law that requires guns to be composed of at least some metal to help people in schools and airports detect them is set to expire.

Print Your Own Revolutionary War Boat, In 3-D

The Smithsonian Institution has millions of fossils, sculptures and other historic artifacts in its vast collections. Twenty of them are now available for 3-D printing — and viewing from every conceivable angle — online.

The Tech Stats We Now Know About

Government's top tech officials — including U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park — showed up on Capitol Hill to give a status report of the troubled system. As the administration unveils enrollment numbers, the tech officials outlined technology metrics of progress.

Flooded And Powerless: When Lights And Cellphones Go Dark

When Typhoon Haiyan roiled a swath of the Philippines, it cut out power and telecommunications. Aid workers and service providers are gradually restoring the system. In the meantime, a patchwork of devices fill in the gaps.

Obama's Surveillance Review Panel Issues Initial Findings

The team was appointed by the White House in August following months of revelations about the National Security Agency's programs. President Obama asked the five intelligence experts to make recommendations about balancing security and privacy concerns.

Online Dating: Asian Women Preferred

There seems to be an online dating site for just about every preference. But a new study shows that more people are dating across ethnic lines, and Asian women are the most preferred. Host Michel Martin talks about that - and other websites raising eyebrows - with the ladies of the Beauty Shop: Demetria Lucas, Anne Ishii, Veronica Miller and Deonna Kelli Sayed.

This Device Lets You Order A Pizza With The Push Of A Button

It's midnight, and you're hungry. If picking up the phone or using an app is too much hassle, a new innovation has you covered. You could call it "the emergency pizza button."

Healthsherpa Helps Thousands Get Insurance Quotes

The computer coders who made may not have had the best of e-commerce in mind. The site looks like something melded together by a dozen government bureaucracies, and is so bad, it's driven away online shoppers. But a group of coders in Silicon Valley says it doesn't have to be this way. They've created

What's Mine Is Yours (For A Price) In The Sharing Economy

More and more people have started using the Internet to rent out their underused personal assets — apartments, cars, their spare time — to earn extra cash. The peer-to-peer economy is exploding, made possible by technology.

For A Few Hundred Bucks, You Can Make Your Own 3-D Printer

You can print out almost anything with a 3-D printer, from weapons and prosthetic hands to Yoda figurines. Sure, you can buy a 3-D printer. But what if you wanted to make one yourself? It's easier than you might think.