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Outdated Magnetic Strips: How U.S. Credit Card Security Lags

Thieves responsible for Target's massive data breach may have stolen information stored on magnetic strips on credit cards. Canada, the U.K. and other countries have been using more secure cards with microchips for years.

A City Turns To Lettuce Fields To Grow High-Tech Startups

Salinas, Calif., is just an hour from Silicon Valley, but production at many local lettuce farms is decidedly low-tech. City officials here decided it's time for an upgrade — and have hired a venture capital firm to help Salinas transition into a high-tech agricultural hub.

Hackers Stole 40 Million Credit, Debit Card Numbers From Target

Right in the middle of holiday shopping season, some 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen in a major breach of Target customer data. The thefts occurred in stores, not online. Target says it's working with a forensics company to investigate and prevent similar data thefts from occurring in the future. Security experts say one way to limit them is to switch from magnetic stripes on cards to embedded chips.

Bay Area's Steep Housing Costs Spark Return To Communal Living

Young professionals "co-living" in San Francisco-area mansions say they're doing more than cutting costs and promoting sustainability — they're building communities, and tech-powered social networking makes it easier.
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Deep Learning: Teaching Computers To Think Like People

The pioneer of "deep learning" explains how computers can learn to think by mimicking the brain's system of neural networks, and how Google and others are using that ability.


Innovation Wish List: The Best Ideas You Sent In This Year

Along with submissions for our Weekly Innovation post, we've also received ideas for things that haven't been created yet, things that NPR readers want to see become a reality (like reversible tattoos or steering wheel fans). As we look ahead to 2014, here are our favorite ideas of the past year.

Already Down 50 Percent, Will Bitcoin Bite The Dust?

Chinese authorities' are cracking down on use of the virtual currency. So the value of a bitcoin has plunged. Many experts expect further declines.

What It's Like To Live On Low Pay In A Land Of Plenty

Employees at Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook are highly paid and enjoy a wide range of perks on the job. The security guards who watch over their workplaces earn around $16 an hour, a tough wage to get by on in the high-priced San Francisco Bay Area.

Tech Execs Complain About NSA During Obama Meeting

Leaders of some of this country's largest technology companies were at the White House on Tuesday to meet with President Obama. While the administration said the meeting would touch on a range of topics, including issues with the health care website, many of the tech executives had another matter on their minds: the National Security Agency.

How This Bay Area Tech Boom's Different From The Last One

Finite rental stock and the latest tech boom are combining to squeeze a lot of San Franciscans out of their homes. One Bay Area writer explains how it's not the same as the last time around.