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Wanted: A New Generation Of High-Tech Aviation Workers

Millions of U.S. factory jobs have been lost in the past decade. Now, in North Carolina, high school students are being encouraged to think about taking manufacturing jobs. But this isn't the furniture-making or textile labor of generations past — it's a new kind of highly technical work in aviation.

Composing Game Soundtracks That Move 'Faster Than Light'

Sound designer Ben Prunty integrates audio into some of the most popular independent video games. He figures out how to make sounds that match the feel of the game and build tension at the perfect moments in action-packed adventures.

Isabella Rossellini, Getting Animal Again With 'Mammas'

The star of Blue Velvet follows up her Webby-winning Green Porno series with another cheeky look at animal behavior. In Mammas, she channels mothers of many a species, challenges the belief that mothers are universally self-sacrificing — and eats an offspring or three.

U.S. Shutdown May Be Driving Traffic To 'Sugar Daddy' Sites

Since the shutdown began, a dating site that pairs women with sugar daddies says it's had a 50 percent jump in new daily members. There's no way to know for sure that the shutdown is responsible, but says it's unusual for its business to surge at this time of year.

Developers At Indie Game Festival Looking For Big Break

The IndieCade Festival going on this weekend outside Los Angeles is known as the "Sundance" of the video game world. For independent game developers, it's a chance to showcase their work and meet with scouts from the industry's biggest names with dreams of becoming the next Grand Theft Auto.

Google Vs. Facebook: A Map Of Global Conquest

The two powerhouses are the most visited sites in the world, according to the U.K.'s Oxford Internet Institute.

Tech Week That Was: Bitcoin Bust, Twitter IPO, Siri Outed

In a week full of tech headlines, we explored your digital trail, followed the technology hiccups for the new health care exchanges and reported on the takedown of Silk Road, the online illicit goods market. And we may have learned who gave voice to Apple's Siri.

New York Road Rage Video Raises Difficult Questions

A confrontation between motorcyclists and an SUV resulted in a badly injured biker and the SUV driver being beaten. But who's to blame? The Barbershop guys weigh in.

Siri, Who Are You? She Won't Say, But Her ID's Been Blown

Try to get Siri to confirm the news and she only gives you a runaround. But voice actor Susan Bennett has stepped forward to tell CNN that she's "classic" Siri on Apple's U.S. iPhones and iPads.

How Snowden's Email Provider Tried To Foil The FBI Using Tiny Font

Newly unsealed documents detail of the usually secret process of a national security request made to technology companies. It also details a fascinating fight against a government request.