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Twitter Sets Its IPO Price, Valuing Company At Around $11 Billion

Analysts said Twitter is picking a conservative price to avoid a Facebook scenario, where the stock tumbled shortly after its IPO.

The Obamacare Tech Mess? It's A Familiar Government Story

With its problems at launch, joined a long list of botched government technology projects. States and the feds often have a hard time making big tech systems work.

What's A 'Glitch,' Anyway? A Brief Linguistic History

From the moment President Obama warned the public there might be "glitches" with, the word has taken the spotlight. So we wondered: Where did this word come from? And how has its latest resurgence in popularity shaped its meaning?

U.K. Official Urges U.S. Government To Adopt A Digital Core

Does this sound familiar? A national IT project plagued with high-profile problems, integration breakdowns involving contractors, and taxpayers left footing a multimillion-dollar price tag: The scenario's playing out with, but a similar one in the U.K. led to major reforms.

Netflix On The Moon? Broadband Makes It To Deep Space

A NASA mission to the moon has completed the first high-bandwidth space-to-ground communication using a laser. This is a big upgrade from the radio systems now in use and could potentially revolutionize deep-space communication.

It's Easy To Blame The Canadians For Problems

The company has stumbled, but it's probably not fair to blame CGI for the debacle of the project. CGI may have received the biggest paycheck, but it's just one of 54 subcontractors. The real problem may be a lack of clear direction from its client, the Obama administration.

White House Turns To 'Rock Star' Manager For Obamacare Fix

Jeffrey Zients, the 46-year-old tapped to help solve the Obamacare website problems, is known as a brainy problem-solver with a talent for cutting through bureaucratic knots.

Norwegian Town's Bright Idea Is A Shining Example Of Ingenuity

Rjukan's 3,500 residents, tucked in a shadowed valley, have finally realized the dream of one of the town's founders: giant mirrors to focus the warmth of the sun.

What Does The Fox Really Say? LISTEN

"What Does the Fox Say?" is a YouTube hit. It's from a Norwegian pair of brothers known together as Ylvis. If you're wondering what foxes really sound like, we've got that video too.

Facebook Removes Beheading Video, Says It Will Tighten Rules

Outrage over a clip showing the decapitation of a woman has led the social media giant to say it will do more to delete content that "is being shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence."