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Distracted Driving: What It Will Take To Lower Fatalities

It is illegal in most states to text and drive. But new research says distracted driving -- including texting -- could be behind seventy percent of accidents. Assessing the prevalence of distracted driving and what it will take to lower fatalities.


FBI Explains Why It Won't Disclose How It Unlocked iPhone

The agency says it doesn't have the rights to the technical details of the unlocking method, and so it can't submit it to a special review that would have determined whether Apple should be informed.

New York Wants To Know: Have You Been Texting And Driving?

A bill in New York would allow police to examine drivers' phones to see whether they were using the device at the time of an accident. But critics are worried about privacy implications.

Apple Reports First Revenue Decline Since 2003

As expected, Apple on Tuesday announced its first quarterly decline in revenue in 13 years, driven by falling iPhone sales. The company's quarterly profit dropped 22.5 percent.

Intel Layoffs Are 'Significant' In Oregon, The State's Largest Private Employer

Intel is reducing its workforce by 12,000 people as it pivots away from chips for personal computers and toward other business lines. There will be cuts in California, Arizona and Washington too.

India Will Require 'Panic Button' On Cellphones To Report Assault

By 2017, all new mobile phones will have to be able to send out a distress call. It is part of an initiative to centralize India's emergency response system — and to address violence against women.

Beyond Streaming: How Will Future Fans Discover Prince's Music?

Whoever ends up running his estate will face some tough decisions about how to handle his musical legacy. What happens to the music in his vault? Will future concertgoers see him as a hologram?

Dip In iPhone Sales Results In Apple's First Revenue Decline In 13 Years

The company's quarterly profit dropped 22.5 percent as revenue slipped for the first time since 2003.

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How Hidden Bias Shapes The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is making online transactions far more personal, which can lead to some unintended consequences.


Charter's Merger With Time Warner Cable Nears Regulatory Approval

The Justice Department has approved the massive cable deal and the FCC chairman has recommended approval, with conditions.