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Police Departments Issuing Body Cameras Discover Drawbacks

They are being hailed as a technological solution to bad police-community relationships, but research on the cameras' impact is thin, and some departments are dealing with unintended consequences.

Obama Takes His State Of The Union Messages To YouTube

President Obama is pitching his State of the Union proposals on a campaign-like trip and on YouTube.

Google Could Provide Relief To Sprint, T-Mobile With Wireless Deal

Google plans to enter the wireless phone business, according to published reports. By purchasing capacity on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, Google could sell mobile service directly to customers, a move that would shake up the wireless industry.

Debate: Is Amazon The Reader's Friend?

Two teams of editors and writers, including best-selling author Scott Turow, face off over Amazon's influence over the publishing industry, in the latest debate from Intelligence Squared U.S.

X-Rays Open Secrets Of Ancient Scrolls

Scientists have used a particle accelerator to read ancient scrolls without unrolling them. The breakthrough could potentially be used to decipher hundreds of texts.

Google Is Said To Be Preparing Its Own Mobile Wireless Service

Google plans to launch a new mobile phone service that it will sell directly to U.S. consumers, according to technology site The Information and other news outlets.

The Battle Over Open-Internet Rules Shifts To Congress

President Obama is urging the Federal Communications Commission to protect the principle of net neutrality. But Republicans presented their own set of rules at a subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

This Is True: Facebook Starts Cracking Down On Hoax News Stories

Facebook says it won't delete fake stories, but it will start attaching notices to ones that users have flagged as hoaxes. And it will display bogus stories less frequently in users' News Feed.

Is Your Online Password On The Worst-Password List?

SplashData, an Internet security services firm, has released its annual list of 25 worst Internet passwords. Topping the list: "123456" and "password."

Google's Stake In SpaceX Puts It Closer To Goal Of Internet Access For All

Elon Musk's SpaceX received a $1 billion investment from Google and Fidelity, which now own slightly less than 10 percent of the firm. SpaceX is currently valued at $10 billion.