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Tech Week That Was: Online Comments, iPad Hacks And The ACC

Can online comments be redeemed? That conversation, plus highlights from our tech coverage on-air and online, are in our latest week in review.

Forget Shutdown, How About Kimmel & Kanye Showdown?

From the government shutdown to Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel's showdown, the Barbershop guys weigh in on the week's hot topics.

This Law Wants To Save Teens' Reputations, But Probably Won't

By 2015, Facebook and other social networking sites will have to allow California minors to delete embarrassing posts. But the law is riddled with loopholes, and teens won't be protected any more than they already are.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Defenders Tell Bill Gates It Wasn't A Mistake

Microsoft's co-founder wishes Windows PCs had been given one start-up key instead of the famous three-key combination. But fans are both nostalgic about what was required and say it helped protect their PCs from some problems.

BlackBerry: If You Don't Survive, May You Rest In Peace

Over the course of its existence, BlackBerry sold smartphones to more than 200 million people. It became ubiquitous in places like Indonesia but it began with an invasion of Wall Street and Washington.

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week

Los Angeles Unified School District started issuing iPads to its students this school year, as part of a $30 million deal with Apple. But less than a week after getting their iPads, hundreds of students had found a way to bypass software blocks meant to limit what websites the students can use.

NSA Revelations Leave Encryption Experts In A Quandry

Documents leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden indicate the NSA may have installed backdoors on encryption products. It's not clear exactly what's going on but the stories have unleashed plenty of fear and loathing in the closed world of encryption researchers.

'Popular Science': Web Comments Are Bad For Science

Popular Science magazine shut down online comments to stories on its website Tuesday. Robert Siegel speaks with Jacob Ward, the magazine's editor-in-chief, for more on the decision.

What You Emailed Us About Using The 'ACC'

After we introduced a name for that annoying email practice of strategically cc-ing a manager to gain an upper hand, you responded with an avalanche of email. Here's a sample of your thoughts.

The Worst Kind Of Email CC: Not A BCC, But An A(nnoying)CC

The irritating practice of copying a third party on an email conversation to undermine the original party's position should have a name. We're calling it an acc.