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Sexism In The Tech Industry Takes Center Stage

Over the weekend, a pair of sexually explicit presentations at a major tech conference laid bare a long-standing gender disparity problem in tech.

Court Decision Means Another Look At Google Street View Case

A federal appeals court said Tuesday that it would not dismiss a lawsuit accusing Google of wrongly collecting people's data and online activities through its Wi-Fi systems as its Street View cars crisscrossed the world.

What Does The NSA Think About You?

As part of a slide deck that shows how the NSA can use location information collected by mobile phone users, someone at the NSA apparently thought it would be amusing to play with images from Apple's "Big Brother" ad from 1984 and make allusions to Orwell's body of work.

Tech Visionary Focuses Now On Biological Weapons Threat

Nathan Myhrvold, who made his name with inventions at Microsoft, is focusing these days on a different kind of technological advance: the threat from biological weapons. Myhrvold's in Washington this week to meet with national security leaders. He wants to convince them to spend time and energy on terrorist attacks that could cause the greatest damage.

Key To Unlocking Your Phone? Give It The Finger(print)

Passwords are a pain to remember, and they're only partially effective in securing your devices. Now, with a fingerprint scanner built into the new iPhone 5s' home button, biometrics is taking a big step into a much bigger ecosystem. But such scanners raise security and privacy concerns of their own.

Apple Hopes New iPhone Will Help It Compete In Developing World

Apple is introducing two new iPhone models as it battles for market share with rival phone makers such as Samsung. One of the phones, the iPhone 5C, starts at $99 and is aimed at consumers in the developing world. Apple is also launching a fingerprint called Touch ID that could be used instead of an iPhone password.

Beijing To Crack Down On Social Media 'Slanderous Rumors'

A new interpretation of existing law would make writing a defamatory post that's read by more than 5,000 people or shared by more than 500 punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

Apple Unveils New iPhones — One Innovative, One Cheap

Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals two new iPhone models — one includes a fingerprint reader to unlock the device, and a less advanced model is aimed at the cost-conscious consumer.

Gotta Be Honest, We're Not That Geeked About Apple's Reveal

Apple's latest iPhone announcement, expected later Tuesday, shows the company is getting more incremental in its innovation than revolutionary. But that doesn't mean that the hype machine isn't in full swing.

Is The iPhone Losing Out In The Chinese Market?

Although many of its phones are made in China, Apple has struggled with sales in the world's largest smartphone market. A cheaper iPhone may attract more consumers — but it could also lose some of its cachet. The company also faces competition from Asian rivals who offer cheaper phones.