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Will GPS Change Our Standards for Privacy?

Todd Humphreys forecasts the near-future of geolocation when millimeter-accurate GPS "dots" will enable you to find pin-point locations, index-search your physical possessions — or to track people without their knowledge.

What Predictions From 1984 Came True?

Back in 1984, technology leader Nicholas Negroponte was able to predict, with surprising accuracy, e-readers, face to face teleconferencing and the touchscreen interface of the iPhone.

A Few Takes On How To Fix The Tech Industry's 'Bro' Problem

The tech industry's sometimes sexist "brogrammer" culture came into focus this week, when an offensive app was presented at an industry hackathon. So we asked developers, community leaders and others in the tech sphere to share their ideas for addressing the industry's cultural schism.

Sound Pioneer Ray Dolby Dies At 80

Dolby, who invented some of the technologies that revolutionized film and sound recording, was instrumental in developing surround sound technology. Dolby had been living with Alzheimer's and was diagnosed with leukemia this summer.

Twitter's Plan To Make Money? It's All In Your Stream

Twitter will soon make its stock market debut. Its recent record gives a glimpse of several ways it plans to make a profit.

Twitter Says It Intends To Go Public

In a tweet, the 200-million-user microblogging service said it had confidentially submitted the paperwork for a planned IPO.

The $7 Billion Tech Acquisition You Haven't Heard Of

The billionaire Koch brothers paid a premium for Molex, a little-known company that makes products that may be in your pocket.

Long Before Most, Intel Chased The Smart Watch

Long before smart watches became the latest pursuit for tech companies, Gordon Moore of Intel was experimenting with wristwatch computers. Intel's co-founder and his colleagues built a line of chip-powered watches in the late '70s. The concept was visionary, but the business was a failure. Moore now keeps a memento that he calls his "$15 million watch."

Army Looks To Schools To Find The Next Cyberwarriors

Security experts say the U.S. has a dearth of professionals qualified to take on cyberthreats like attacks on power grids or defense systems. A school district in Alabama and the U.S. Army Cyber Command have teamed up to help prepare a new generation for cyberwarfare careers.

Sexism In The Tech Industry Takes Center Stage

Over the weekend, a pair of sexually explicit presentations at a major tech conference laid bare a long-standing gender disparity problem in tech.