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Internal Emails Reveal Warnings Wasn't Ready

"When we pull back the curtain now, the mess is disturbing," says House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., of the latest revelations. These documents call into question whether contractors can fix the website as promised by the end of November.

What Are The Lives of Chinese Factory Workers Really Like?

Behind all our material goods, from iPhones to sneakers, is a narrative of exploited Chinese workers with bleak lives. Reporter Leslie T. Chang says that's a disrespectful narrative. She sought out workers in a Chinese megacities and tells their stories.

Game Consoles Marketed As Multimedia Living Room Boxes

PlayStation 4 is out, and next week, the new Xbox is released. These systems do a whole lot more than just play video games. Microsoft in particular is selling non-gamers on its system's television features. For more, Steve Inskeep talks to Christopher Grant, editor-in-chief of the video game website Polygon.

Snapchat's Big News Week And Questions About Its Worth

Snapchat's leaders balked at a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. But as the three-year-old company grows up, the ephemeral photo message sharing service — widely loved by teens — is also facing some adult questions.

Denver's Smell-O-Scope Targets Marijuana's Skunky Scent

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. But that doesn't mean residents want their air to smell like a pot rally. Denver is getting more calls to enforce an odor ordinance that can impose a buzz-killing fine on violators. To find them, the city relies on a device called the Nasal Ranger.

For Ridesharing Apps Like Lyft, Commerce Is A Community

Services where regular people use their cars to take passengers to their destinations have found a foothold in the smartphone age. And for many participating in this sharing economy, the appeal is in more than just the cost savings or convenience.

Electric Cars Drive Demand For Cheaper, More Powerful Batteries

Unlike the technologies in laptops, smartphones and electric cars, the batteries inside them have been slow to evolve. In Silicon Valley, more than 40 companies are working on finding a battery breakthrough. And they're facing international competition.

Google Says It's Getting Far More User-Data Requests From Government

According to its semiannual Transparency Report, Google received 10,918 government orders from January to June of this year, compared with 4,287 in the same period three years ago.

How The Sharing Economy Is Changing The Places We Work

The sharing economy is already changing several sectors: housing, transportation, retail. In some cities, it's changing the way we work. As more people start their own enterprises, they're shunning traditional offices and choosing to share space instead.

Plastic Guns Made With 3-D Printers Pose New Security Concerns

Agents at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have spent months testing new plastic weapons, and report that the guns can be lethal and hard to detect. The findings come just as a federal law that requires guns to be composed of at least some metal to help people in schools and airports detect them is set to expire.