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Mandela Is Remembered On Social Media

Twitter and other social media outlets see an outpouring of comments on the life and death of Nelson Mandela.

Cuteness Alert: Christmas Cats TV Is Streaming Live

The scene you'll find at Christmas Cats TV is a unique one. A woman sits in a den that includes a Christmas tree, a hearth and some presents — and lots of cute cats, some of which are wearing holiday sweaters.

China Bans Bitcoin Trading By Banks

The exchange rate of Bitcoin, the digital currency whose value has sharply risen this year, took a hit following a government ban. Chinese citizens are not forbidden from using the currency.

NSA Collecting 5B Cellphone Locations A Day, News Report Says

The Washington Post reports that the agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world. One official told the newspaper the NSA is getting vast volumes of location data by tapping into the cables that connect mobile networks globally.

Administration Says You Can Now Escape HealthCare.Gov 'Prison'

People across the country hit a perplexing snag when trying to sign up for insurance on the federally run website. The site asked about their incarceration status, then locked up. The so-called prison glitch that stymied insurance shoppers has been fixed.

What To Expect When You're Expecting ... To Share Your Baby Photos

Smartphones and the Internet have made it easier than ever for people to share photos of their friends, family, pets and children. But sharing personal photos raises technological and ethical questions. Fresh Air tech contributor Alexis Madrigal recently became a father and has some tips for navigating the world of online photo sharing.

Even Disconnected Computers May Face Cyberthreats

If your computer is infected with a virus or other forms of malware, disconnecting the machine from the Internet is one of the first steps security experts say you should take. But someday, even physically separating your laptop from a network may not be enough to protect it from cyber evildoers.

FCC Proposes AM Radio Changes To Give The Band A Boost

AM radio was what folks used to gather around to listen to soap operas, big bands and live drama. Later, it's where baby boomers heard the Beatles. Now, it's largely the province of news and talk — and often hard to hear because of interference. The FCC is proposing some changes it hopes will make the AM band relevant again.

Moon Turnips? NASA Takes Gardening to New Heights

The space agency has announced plans to grow turnips, basil and cress on the moon by 2015. The experiment could be good news for astronauts sick of their freeze-dried fare. But researchers say the real goal is to see if humans could one day live — and farm — on the moon.

Could A Tech Giant Build A Better Health Exchange? Maybe Not

Since the rollout of, many have wondered whether a private company could have avoided the federal site's many pitfalls. Oregon took that route, hiring Silicon Valley titan Oracle to create its state insurance exchange. But two months after its scheduled launch, the website is still not working.