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Tech Companies Take Step Toward The 'Internet Of Things'

Few people have homes where smart appliances talk to each other. A group of companies hopes to develop a "common language" of software to change that. And the firms hope an open standard will address potential security and privacy issues that are bound to arise.

Bots Are Driving Web Traffic More Than Humans, Report Says

Renee Montagne and David Greene report on findings from tech company Incapsula suggesting that nearly two-thirds of Internet traffic comes from bots rather than humans.

Wireless Companies, FCC Reach Deal On 'Unlocking' Cellphones

U.S. wireless carriers reached a deal with the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday that will make it easier for consumers to "unlock" their mobile phones and use them on a competitor's network.

Secret U.S. Stealth Drone Flies Out Of The Shadows

Aviation Week says the classified surveillance drone, which is meant to replace the Cold War-era SR-71 Blackbird, has begun test flights at Area 51.

Why Meningitis That Hit Princeton Is Hard To Beat With Vaccines

It turns out that the bacteria that are responsible meningitis B have a sugar coating that makes them look a lot like human cells. That similarity makes development of a vaccine against the germs especially tricky.
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The Future Of The Past: Museums Digitizing Collections (Rebroadcast)

Kojo talks with thought leaders at the Smithsonian Institution about the future of museums and the practical challenges of digitizing the past.

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The Future Of The Past: New Frontiers In Exploration (Rebroadcast)

Explorers of the past spent years investigating sites in far flung corners of the world. Kojo talks with National Geographic Explorers about the innovative tools they're using and what they're finding.

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Tech Tuesday: Preserving Family History (Rebroadcast)

Our most precious family history --old letters, home movies, photo albums--often end up in basements or attics--the worst possible place to preserve these materials. We explore high and low tech ways to protect and store family memorabilia, and the smartest way to migrate different materials to digital formats.

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The Next Generation Of Online Maps (Rebroadcast)

The 7-year-old Google Maps is getting a bold re-design as online mapping becomes more personalized, interactive and mobile. We explore the push toward 3-D, real-time digital maps.


Take A Look At The Top Tweeted Moments Of The Year

The nation used Twitter to mark the second inauguration of President Obama and to get information on the Boston Marathon bombing. But the year's most retweeted tweet was about the sudden death of a TV star.