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Virtual Reality Whiz Palmer Luckey: Future Will Be 'More Boring Than We Think'

The 23-year-old founder of Oculus VR says sci-fi writers love to use virtual reality as a backdrop for conflict, but the future is "probably not going to be nearly as interesting."

The FBI Has Successfully Unlocked The iPhone Without Apple's Help

The Justice Department says it is withdrawing its legal action against Apple because it has been able to get data from a terrorist's phone. A spokeswoman says the FBI is reviewing the data.
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FBI Probing Computer Virus Behind Outage At MedStar Health Facilities

A computer virus has crippled information systems at the major Washington-area hospital chain MedStar Health Inc., the FBI says.


Oculus Rift Launch Makes A Splash. Will It Lead A Wave Of VR Tech?

After four years of hype, the Oculus Rift hits the market Monday. It's just one of several virtual reality systems — but not all the VR gadgets are up to snuff.

Software Flags 'Suicidal' Students, Presenting Privacy Dilemma

School administrators increasingly have the power to track students' Web browsing on school-issued laptops, even when the students are at home. The implications are complicated.

Should Apple Unlock Terrorist's Phone? Listeners' Questions Answered

A day before they were expected to face off in front of a judge, the FBI said there may be another way to get inside one of the San Bernardino shooter's phone that doesn't require Apple's help.

Internet Trolls Turn A Computer Into A Nazi

Microsoft's artificial intelligence chatbot was supposed to mimic a teenage girl. Instead, internet trolls tricked it into spouting hate speech. BuzzFeed tech reporter Alex Kantrowitz explains how.

'Dark Territory' Examines The Long History Of Cyber War

So many things in our lives are plugged into networks vulnerable to hacking. Fred Kaplan's new book Dark Territory looks at how this came to be and what it means for the future.

With Cherry Blossoms In Bloom, D.C. Issues Reminder: No Drones

For those hoping to capture an aerial shot of the famous tidal basin surrounded by an army of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, well, too bad.

Terrorists Escape Detection Using Common Encryption Tools

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to security analyst Michael Smith, co-founder of security consulting firm Kronos Advisory, about tools terrorists use to keep their operations and communications secret.