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How Long Do They Really Have To Fix That Obamacare Website?

President Obama says he's pretty frustrated with the messed-up computer system for insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act. If he gets it fixed by mid-November all will be well, analysts say. But further delay could mean real trouble.

5 Questions Kathleen Sebelius Must Answer

It's not yet clear when Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will testify before Congress. But it won't be soon enough for the Republicans who are calling for her resignation as a result of the Internet mess that is

Sometimes You Need Your To-Do List To Be A Bit Bossy

Dan Amira, a senior editor at New York Magazine, reviews Carrot To-Do, a to-do list app with attitude.

Small Kentucky Town Makes High Tech Glass Amid Bucolic Farmland

The small farming town of Harrodsburg, Ky., is the home of Willow Glass, thin and flexible, soon to find it's way into the marketplace. It's made by Corning in the same plant that developed Gorilla Glass, the protective cover for Apple's iPhone, and now used by more than thirty other makers of personal devices.

The 'Tech Surge' Is Racing Against The Clock

The Obama administration is sending in computer engineers from inside and outside government to fix the ongoing problems with But the Affordable Care Act's legal deadlines mean that the programmers will be racing against the clock.

Online Dating Is On The Rise (But There Are Still Haters)

We're buying cars online, ordering groceries online and, more and more, finding love there too. Online dating, and social support for it, is at an all-time high. But whether you're beginning or ending relationships digitally, you might have some awkward encounters.

Obama Says He's 'Frustrated' About Health Care Site Issues

At the White House on Monday, President Obama acknowledged widespread problems with his health care law's website while still defending the Affordable Care Act. NPR White House Correspondent Scott Horsley talks with Steve Inskeep about the president's remarks.

Facebook Users Don't 'Like' This: Status Update Error Messages

Lots of users have encountered problems when they try to update their status or "like" a post.

France, Mexico Latest Nations Reportedly Spied On By U.S.

New documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden allege that the U.S. collected information from millions of French phone calls and tapped into the emails of Mexico's president. France has demanded an explanation.

What's Creepy, Crawly And A Champion Of Neuroscience?

The new RoboRoach project allows users to influence the movements of cockroaches with a smartphone. Greg Gage of Backyard Brains says it's not brain control but more like the bridle of a horse. The RoboRoach just provides a sensation that makes the cockroach perceive an obstacle.