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A YouTube Powerhouse Looks Beyond Its Gamer Base

The top digital network for gamers — a mostly young, male crowd — is eyeing a broader audience of geeks and nerds who enjoy TV, music and movies. But on the road from user-generated content to corporate enterprise, Machinima has hit a few speed bumps.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Data After Target Hacker Breach

It was reported that some 40 million people may have been victims of a hacking spree at Target recently. What should people who may have been in that group do now to protect themselves and their accounts? Robert Siegel speaks with Mark Rasch, a security expert and former Department of Justice cyber crime prosecutor, for more advice for those who may have been affected.

It's Never Been So Easy, Or Complicated, To Stream Video To Your TV

Robert Siegel talks with technology columnist Farhad Manjoo of The Wall Street Journal about the various ways to watch online video on your television. Manjoo says it's never been so easy or more complicated to do.

Quantified Men: Tinder, Lulu And The Fallacy Of Hot Dating Apps

They have millions of users, and help facilitate millions of matches per day. But while these apps open up a world of romantic possibilities, they might also put up even more barriers to love.

Tech Team Podcast Episode 5: Inequality In The Bay Area

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the tech boom is helping to fuel the economic recovery. But the rich are getting ultra-rich, and the middle class is getting squeezed. Our reporting on this topic is now available in a downloadable podcast.

Free Wifi Promised To Open Opportunities in Harlem

More than 80,000 Harlem residents are being promised free public wireless internet. But similar projects in other cities have run out of fuel. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with the New York City Housing Authority's Dupe Ajayi about the plan.

Two Takeaways From An Offensive Tweet Heard 'Round The World

Public relations professional Justine Sacco is out of a job after what she concedes was a "needless and careless tweet" about AIDS in Africa. Her experience reinforces some basic rules about the world of social media.

In The World Of Pinball, An Underdog Takes On The Giant

For more than a decade, Stern Pinball was the only company manufacturing pinball machines. A New Jersey startup company is trying to shake up that monopoly. But with decreased demand for the games, it's unclear whether the pinball industry is big enough for two.

Museums Give Video Games Bonus Life, But The Next Level Awaits

The Smithsonian American Art Museum added two video games to its permanent collection last week. Acquiring a work means preserving it for years to come — and digital media like video games present a host of challenges for preservationists.

'Bertha' Still Stuck In Her Tunnel Under Seattle

In Seattle, an underground mystery has halted the digging of a new highway tunnel underneath downtown. The world's largest tunneling machine ground to a halt two weeks ago, and engineers are still trying to figure out why.