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Target: Encrypted Data Were Taken, But Not The Key To Unlock

Though 40 million credit and debt accounts may have been affected, Target says the hackers should not be able to decrypt sensitive information they obtained.

West Coast's Early Warning System For Quakes Still Spotty

Japan already relies on a system that helps prevent industrial accidents and train derailments by sending warnings as much as a minute before the ground starts shaking. That much time could save lives after a major earthquake in California, but seismologists say a prototype system there lacks funding and has big gaps.

Supercamera: More Pixels Than You Know What To Do With

Scientists are developing new gigapixel cameras that take extremely high-resolution images with astonishing detail. Who needs to see the world with this kind of super-eye?

What's In Store For Commuting's Future? (Hint: There's Hope)

Students thinking about the road ahead for transportation imagine everything from flying cars and hovercraft to crowdsourced car design and driverless vehicles. A key part of planning, says one expert, is that changes must not only make life better for commuters, they must also be done in a way "that this planet can support."

Holiday Innovation: Tweet At Your Christmas Tree To Light It Up

You've heard a lot about the "Internet of things" — a network of smart devices that anticipate your needs. This one doesn't do anything particularly useful, but it does have the most holiday cheer.

When Teens Talk Tech, Investors Listen. Here's What They Say

Reporter Nishat Kurwa catches up with teens at Youth Radio about how they used social media in 2013 — from the apps they embraced to the ones they dumped.

Healthcare Rollout Mixed On Deadline Day

Another deadline for the Affordable Care Act has been pushed back. Guest Host Celeste Headlee speaks to Kaiser Health News reporter Mary Agnes Carey and Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff and what the decision means and how the healthcare rollout is going across the country.

Check Out These Gorgeous, Futuristic Tech Company Headquarters

Historically, companies often viewed buildings as simply a cost, one architect consultant says. Now they're beginning to think about them as an asset — something that can be used to drive creativity and performance and attract and retain talent.

Alan Turing, Who Cracked Nazi Code, Gets Posthumous Pardon

The British mathematician, also considered the father of modern computing, committed suicide in 1954 after being convicted of "gross indecency" with another man.

A YouTube Powerhouse Looks Beyond Its Gamer Base

The top digital network for gamers — a mostly young, male crowd — is eyeing a broader audience of geeks and nerds who enjoy TV, music and movies. But on the road from user-generated content to corporate enterprise, Machinima has hit a few speed bumps.