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Easy As Pie: Soon You Could Push A Button And Get A Pizza

Ordering a pizza may soon get easier in the U.S. — at least if the company iStrategyLabs has anything to do with it. The company's working on a device they call Pie Pal that allows you to order pizza with the push of a button.

Bitcoin Goes To Washington As Senators Parse Currency's Legality

The digital currency Bitcoin is becoming more prevalent, both for benign purchases and as a way for criminals to conduct illicit transactions. Bitcoins have been used on underground websites to facilitate sales of narcotics and child pornography. But even those most concerned about criminal activity agree that the emerging digital currency has arrived and can have beneficial uses.

Calling The Shots: Realistic Commentary Heightens Video Games

New basketball video games are touting their high-tech graphics, but the realistic play experience extends to the ear as well. The games feature action-packed commentary from famous TV announcers with dialogue for every situation. The more spontaneous it sounds, the better.

Already Outpacing Movies, Gaming Industry Still Looks To Expand

It's a big week for the video game industry; Sony just released the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft will release its new Xbox games console Friday. All Tech Considered is kicking off the week with a look at just how big the industry has become and who plays these days. Robert Siegel talks with industry expert John Davison. He's currently general manager of content and publishing for video game company Red Robot Labs.

Google, Microsoft Introduce Software To Curb Child Pornography

Internet giants Google and Microsoft say they're going to be making it harder for pedophiles to search for child porn online. They made the announcement in a joint statement in London ahead of a British internet security summit.

Too Cool For (Bike) Helmet Head? Here's One Swedish Solution

What started out as a thesis project in Sweden could revolutionize biking safety. The "invisible" helmet is an air bag tucked away in a collar fastened around a cyclist's neck. When its internal sensors detect specific jerks and jags, the air bag deploys, sending out a head-hugging hood in a tenth of a second.

Is The Internet Domain Land Rush A Land Rush At All?

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet, and they are bought and sold every day. But until recently, space in the cyber real estate market has been cramped. But soon there's going to be a lot more than .coms out there, and a lot of companies are bidding huge amounts to get the new Internet addresses.

Laboring In The Shadows To Keep The Web Free Of Child Porn

The rise of pornography online has created a new industry of people whose job it is to screen vast numbers of images of exploited children. Advocacy organizations and private companies are working on programs to automate the review process, but so far they can only filter for images that have already been flagged manually.

Amid Nuclear Talks, Iran Pushes Diplomacy Online

Iran's leaders are active on Facebook and Twitter, and frequently reach out in English via social media. Both services remain officially banned in Iran. But journalist Robin Wright, an expert on Iran, calls their online overtures "the most ambitious public diplomacy campaign since Iran's 1979 revolution."

Connecting To The Internet, And The World, Post-Disaster

Responding to a natural disaster requires old and new technology. Experts working on new social networking map apps, Wi-Fi and cell tower experts, and old-school amateur radio operators are all working to help Filipinos cope with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.