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4-D Printing Means Building Things That Build Themselves

You've heard of 3-D printing — now add one more dimension. Researchers are figuring out how to create structures that move and respond to their environment after they're printed.

The Tech Team Podcast, Episode 1: Kids And Technology

If you missed any of our kids and technology coverage last week, now you can listen to all the stories in one podcast.

Apple's Decision To Make Glass In Arizona Will Create Hundreds Of Jobs

Technology giant Apple is buying a large manufacturing space in Arizona, where high-tech glass for its devices will be produced. The move is being hailed in Arizona, where the economy remains slowed by the U.S. housing market crisis.

The Most Secure Password In The World Might Be You

Leaders from tech giants like Google and PayPal say that the password as we know it is dead. So what's the future of authentication online? Apple is implementing fingerprint protection on iPhones, but questions linger about the security and feasibility of biometrics.

Why India's Mars Mission Is So Much Cheaper Than NASA's

India launched its first-ever probe to the red planet on Tuesday at a cost of one-tenth what NASA is expected to pay for its latest Mars mission.

One Reason Twitter's Confident About Its Ad Possibilities

The social media giant that made its name on 140-character messages is set to debut on the New York Stock Exchange this week. These numbers help explain why the company is bullish about making millions in advertising.
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The Future Of The Past: Museums Digitizing Collections

Kojo talks with thought leaders at the Smithsonian Institution about the future of museums and the practical challenges of digitizing the past.

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The Future Of The Past: New Frontiers In Exploration

Explorers of the past spent years investigating sites in far flung corners of the world. Kojo talks with National Geographic Explorers about the innovative tools they're using and what they're finding.


Sportvision Wants To Take You (Home) To The Ballgame

You may know Sportvision as the creators of the yellow line you see on the field during football broadcasts. But the company makes graphical enhancements for all kinds of sports — and hopes its innovations will make watching games on TV even better than cheering from the sidelines.
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Lawmakers And Regulators Take A Closer Look At Bitcoin

The Senate Homeland Security Committee hears testimony on the economic benefits of Bitcoin. Critics argue it provides a safe haven for drug traffickers and other criminals. Diane and her guests discuss new questions about the digital currency Bitcoin.