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What Satellite Images Are Teaching Us About Life On Earth

Satellite imagery is becoming critical to what we do on the ground, including disaster relief, economic projections, and monitoring environmental change. We look at what pictures from above can teach us about life on earth.


Facebook's Facial Recognition Software Is Different From The FBI's. Here's Why

Every time one of its 1.65 billion users uploads a photo to Facebook and tags someone, that person is helping the facial recognition algorithm. Its accuracy rate is said to be higher than the FBI's.

Racing Toward TV's Future, Late-Night Shows Shift To Anytime Social Media

Late-night talk shows are focusing on increasing their Web audiences with segments like "Carpool Karaoke" and "Lip Sync Battle." TV critic David Bianculli says the changes are exciting.

Rape And Facebook Make Tense Headlines In South Africa This Spring

Students have posted the names of accused rapists on Facebook. And a judge sparks a furor with Facebook messages that seem to say rape is part of black culture.

Too Much Technology Can Spoil Your Warhol Experience

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has reopened after a three-year closure. Like a growing number of museums, it hopes new tech doesn't get in the way of looking at the art.

These Gloves Offer A Modern Twist On Sign Language

Two college students developed SignAloud, gloves that connect to a computer and convert some sign language words and letters into speech and text. In the process, they've learned about deaf culture.

Crowdfunding For Small Businesses Gets Kick-Start

Small companies now can raise up to $1 million from ordinary investors through what are called "crowdfunding portals."

Revamped San Francisco Museum Merges Modern Art With Interactive Tech

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art re-opened this weekend with groundbreaking interactive technology meant to enhance the experience of looking at art. But can there be too much tech in a museum?

London Museum Hopes To Reboot Eric, Britain's First Robot

They have the technology. Now they need the money. The Science Museum has launched a Kickstarter campaign to rebuild Eric, who wowed audiences after he was created in 1928 — and then vanished.

'Embodiment Of Grit': How Children Of Farm Workers Became Tech Professionals

We first told you about CSin3 — an accelerated degree program — when it launched three years ago. Now its first cohort is set to graduate, with many students heading into high tech coding jobs.