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'Haqqathon' Takes Anti-ISIS Fight To Cyberspace

In Arabic, haqq is the word for truth. Muslim software designers gathered recently for a "haqqathon" to develop social media products that can compete with violent extremists online.

Crowdfunding Sought To Release Orson Welles' Unfinished Final Film

Producers ask for $2 million on the website Indiegogo to complete The Other Side of the Wind. Welles had intended for it to be his comeback movie.

NSA's Bulk Collection Of Americans' Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules

A three-judge panel said Congress did not intend to give the National Security Agency the authority to collect metadata about Americans' phone records in bulk when lawmakers wrote the Patriot Act.
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D.C. Police Body Camera Policy Needs More Transparency, Council Member Says

Kenyan McDuffie is hosting a roundtable Thursday at the Wilson Building on the issue, and he says city leaders should be more mindful of several issues as they push forward with equipping all officers with the cameras.


Songwriters And Streaming Services Battle Over Decades-Old Decree

The Department of Justice is exploring big changes to the music publishing business for the first time since World War II.

A Long Way From Wax Cylinders, Library Of Congress Slowly Joins The Digital Age

Through the library's website, you can listen to the recording of a former slave or millions of other items. But critics say the library needs to move more aggressively to adjust to the digital age.

A Startup Scene That's Not So Hot: Japan's Entrepreneur Shortage

A risk-averse culture is making it a tough road for fresh ideas and fledgling Japanese startups. But venture backers are starting to see some signs of hope that new tech firms will take off.

Staffing An Intensive Care Unit From Miles Away Has Advantages

Some hospitals are using a remote command center to keep an eye on ICU patients. This brings the expertise of a major medical center to rural hospitals — and may help keep the rural centers open.

Smartphones Can Be Smart Enough To Find A Parasitic Worm

If someone is infected by the Loa loa worm, taking a drug to treat river blindness could be risky. Now there's a fast way to identify the worm — by turning a smartphone into a microscope.

Silicon Valley Remembers Dave Goldberg, Who Died Unexpectedly

The CEO of SurveyMonkey was known for his generosity toward colleagues and for supporting the career of his wife, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg. He died while vacationing with his family in Mexico.