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Any Way It's Measured, Tesla's $5B 'Gigafactory' Is Huge

The electric-car company wants to build a massive plant in the U.S. to churn out 500,000 vehicle batteries a year. That's more than the combined current production at all the factories in the world.

The Web At 25: Hugely Popular And Viewed As A Positive Force

A quarter-century already? It seems just like yesterday. A new Pew survey looks back on how much the World Wide Web's popularity — and role in our lives — has grown since its birth in 1989.

Mapping Differences In America's Musical Tastes, State By State

If you're in the Pacific, there's a better chance you're nodding along with Cat Power rather than grooving to Fantasia — but that reverses if you're across the country in the South Atlantic.

Robot Swarm: A Flock Of Drones That Fly Autonomously

Inspired by birds that fly in tight bunches, researchers fit drones with GPS, processors, and radios that allow them to navigate in formation or while following a leader.

With Tech Outsourcing, The Internet Can Be 'A Scary Place'

When you hear the word outsourcing, you might think of threats to jobs. To cyber experts, there's another threat: to our data. Hiring third parties with lax security can leave data vulnerable.

Supersonic Jet Throws Traditional Design 'Out The Window'

An 18-passenger plane created by a Boston-based company will feature windowless travel. Instead, cameras outside the aircraft will project images onto thin screens, giving passengers panoramic views.

Do Tech Startups Need More Soul?

Race and gender gaps can prevent people from getting the skills to make it in the tech world. But if you have what it takes, how do you get your startup off the ground?

If You've Ignored Bitcoin Up Until Now, This One's For You

If the idea of a crypto-currency confuses you to the point of avoiding the topic altogether, you're missing out on some good stuff worthy of a Dan Brown novel.

iOS 6 Users Left In The Lurch After Security Flaw Discovered

Apple recently found a critical bug in its mobile and desktop systems. Unfortunately, the security fix won't help you if you haven't updated your mobile device to iOS 7.

ISO Romance: Dating Sites Help Older Singles

Nearly 40 percent of Americans over 50 are single, and many are looking for love online. As one site user says, "I don't want to live the last 10 years of my life alone."