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Yahoo's Board Debates Selling Company's Core Business

Yahoo's board is meeting amid reports that the company may sell off its struggling Internet business or a huge stake in the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. Yahoo is the No. 3 search engine.

This Peanut Farmer Turns To A Cellphone — And Prayer — For A Top Crop

Mariama Keita of Senegal farms the old-school way: hoes, pitchforks, no tractor. But lately she's relying on a not-so-traditional tool.

The Daredevils Without Landlines — And Why Health Experts Are Tracking Them

It's not surprising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sees more and more landlines disappear. But who knew wireless-only households were into risky behavior? A CDC researcher explains.

As Tech Firms Come To Oakland, So Do Hopes Of Racial Diversity

Oakland, Calif., is known for being diverse. The tech industry? Not so much. But there's hope the situation will improve as more tech companies move to Oakland.

An LLC? It Gives Facebook Founder More Freedom To Meet Philanthropic Goals

Creating a for-profit company to manage his $45 billion pledge means Mark Zuckerberg is giving himself flexibility in deciding the best way of tackling the social issues he cares about.

Facebook Founder's Philanthropic Aspirations Highlighted In Announcement

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Dale Russakoff, author of the book, The Prize, about what lessons Zuckerberg learned from his $100 million donation to fix Newark, N.J., schools.

Too Much TV And Chill Could Reduce Brain Power Over Time

Young adults who watch at least three hours of TV a day might end up with less cognitive function by middle age, a study finds. That's especially true if they're sedentary couch potatoes.

A Click Too Far: Why Using Social Media Isn't That Great For Fundraising

Empathy campaigns can spread like wildfire on Facebook and other social media. So how come data show that social networking sites direct very few clicks to charity donation pages?

Planet Money: AC Power Versus DC Power Grid

The nation's power grid pulses with a certain type of electricity: AC power. But our "Planet Money" team explains why some people are trying to revive the DC power grid.
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Computer Guys And Gal

Another year is coming to a close and the Computer Guys And Gal are here to discuss this year's biggest technology news, including the growth of virtual reality and the "Internet of Things."