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Watson, IBM's 'Jeopardy!' Champ, Gets Its Own Business Division

Big Blue hopes the computer that beat out two human rivals in 2011 can use its "cognitive computing" abilities to turn a tidy profit.

Government Tech Problems: Blame The People Or The Process?

Contractors say blame bad project management inside government for multimillion-dollar tech failures like Procurement reformists say it's not fair to "blame the client."

How To Make Your Face (Digitally) Unforgettable

MIT researchers found that there are certain components of memorability that are universal. And they're trying to figure out how to apply those attributes to any portrait, using subtle changes to facial features.

The Case Against Clemency: Expert Says Snowden's Leaks Hurt Security

Former NSA general counsel Stewart Baker tells Morning Edition that Edward Snowden "did the crime — he should do the time" for leaking classified material to the media.

Manufacturers At CES Offer More In Home Automation

The Consumer Electronics Show is in Las Vegas this week. Renee Montagne talks to tech journalist Rich Jaroslovsky about the push to put WiFi in everything imaginable, from crockpots to stoves.

News Or Ad? Online Advertisers Hope You'll Click To Find Out

The New York Times' new Web redesign includes "native advertising": articles written by people working for the paper's advertisers. BuzzFeed and other outlets have already embraced the ads, but critics say the lines between paid and original content are sometimes just too blurry.

TV Makers Look To Pack More Pixels Into Your Home TV With 4K

TV makers, studios and streaming companies are all getting behind 4K TVs, which offer higher resolutions than even high-definition TVs. Some say it could worry Hollywood and lead to even less risk-taking in movies, but the technology still has significant hurdles to overcome.

Internet Harassment Of Women: When Haters Do More Than Just Hate

Anyone who posts something online runs the risk of getting negative feedback. But for some female writers, things are taken to an extreme level. Host Michel Martin talks with Amanda Hess, about her article "Why Women Aren't Welcome On The Internet." Writers Bridget Johnson and Mikki Kendall also discuss how they've handled harassments and threats - on and off line.

Can Amazon's Jeff Bezos Save Planet Earth?

In these uncertain times, America turns to its superheroes — for truth, justice and free shipping for everyone.

Intel Striving Not To Miss Next Wave Of Computing: Wearables

Intel was a powerhouse in the age of personal computing, making its revenues from powerful chips built into PCs. But it has largely missed the mobile computing revolution. With PC sales slumping, Intel is intent on becoming relevant in the next wave of computing — wearables.