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Why All This Fuss Over Satoshi Nakamoto Is A Boost For Bitcoin

The media frenzy over the alleged founder of Bitcoin appeals to universal human curiosity. Mystery, intrigue, a dash of conspiracy! If that's not enough to turn Bitcoin into a household word, what is?

MasterCard, Visa Team Up To Improve Payment Security

The credit-card rivals will join others in the industry to push chip technology to replace the more vulnerable magnetic stripes on most cards in the U.S.

Investors: Oversight Is Needed For Bitcoin To Become Mainstream

Bitcoin's growth was built on the idea it was a currency of the people, unattached to any central bank or regulating authority. But a major theft has put that vision to a tough test.

'Newsweek' Says It Found Bitcoin's Founder: 4 Things To Know

For years, Reddit, tech blogs and mainstream media outlets have speculated about the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Newsweek says it finally has the answer, but many people are criticizing the story.

Global Insight On Drawing Girls To Tech

Tell Me More looks at strategies being used to encourage more young women to enter tech fields in the US, and what the international community is doing differently — for better and worse.

SXSW Tech Preview: Snooping, Wearables And More 3-D Printing

It's spring break for tech geeks as an estimated 30,000 take part in the SXSW Interactive Festival. The director, Hugh Forrest, expects surveillance, privacy and wearable devices to be hot topics.

Race To Stop 'Revenge Porn' Raises Free Speech Worries

More than a dozen states are considering bills that would criminalize the online posting of sexually explicit photos or videos without the subject's consent. But First Amendment experts urge caution.

Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

That's the name of Oscar Mayer's new app and iPhone device — limited edition hardware that plugs into the headphone jack. Along with your alarm, you get the signature smell and sizzle.

Facebook To Restrict Posts About Private Gun Sales

The company says it will take a number of steps to try to curtail illegal gun trafficking online, including removing posts that advertise guns with "no background check required."

To Clean Drinking Water, All You Need Is A Stick

Removing bacteria and other impurities from water could be done more cheaply thanks to researchers at MIT. They're taking advantage of the way trees move water to filter it.