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How You Handle Screen, Technology Time With Your Kids

NPR readers wrote in to share how they're dealing with the technology tension in modern parenting — raising technologically adept kids without making them technologically dependent.

Who Has The Right To Know Where Your Phone Has Been?

Law enforcement agencies across the country subpoena cellphone location data regularly. But civil liberties groups hope a series of state-level legal victories will usher in stronger protections for that often-revealing digital information.

How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head — And Wallet

Some parents say their children are addicted to video games, but it's no accident that kids can get lost in them. Game developers are studying gamers' actions as they play in order to make the games more compelling — and lucrative.

Etsy's New Policy Means Some Items Are 'Handmade In Spirit'

Online marketplace Etsy is a hive for creative vendors selling handmade goods. But the site recently said it will allow sellers to outsource their manufacturing. Some vendors with growing businesses are delighted at this news; others feel Etsy is abandoning its small enterprises.

For Digital Natives, Childhood May Never Be The Same

Our children these days might be called digital natives, kids who grow up surrounded by and immersed in digital media. How does that affect childhood? How might it affect their adulthood? This week All Tech Considered kicks off a week of stories about kids and technology.

Goodbye Paper Menus? Restaurants Test The Water For Tablets

Digital menus may help diners make more informed choices about restaurants' food and drink options. And they may boost restaurant profits, too: Sales have increased 23 percent since one Florida restaurant introduced tablet menus in September.

Syrian Hackers Hit Social Media Accounts Linked To President

The group of hackers working in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed responsibility for the brief attack that hijacked links on the @BarackObama Twitter feed.

What You Need To Know About Babies, Toddlers And Screen Time

Researchers are still learning about the effects of touch-screens on kids. But scientists say that certain kinds of screen time, involving interaction with other people, can help youngsters learn.

Putting The Spotlight On Blacks In Tech

African-Americans are noticeably absent in Silicon Valley, and in tech firms around the country. So now, leaders from historically black colleges and universities are gathering at Stanford University to talk about changing that. Guest Host Celeste Headlee finds out more.

Report: Add 60 Million Spanish Phone Calls To NSA's List

Documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden continue to expose secrets. There's also a new report that the NSA may have been monitoring the German chancellor's phone calls since 2002.