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Weavers Turn Silk Into Diabetes Test Strips

In India, where silk is plentiful, the luxe fabric turns out to be more efficient — and cheaper — than paper or plastic for testing a diabetic's glucose levels.

The Unstoppable Selfie Stick Trend Has Invaded American Shores

You can't miss them, and some folks can't resist them. Selfie sticks — monopods that help you take cellphone photos of yourself — are only growing in popularity.

A Plan To Put Your Driver's License On Your Phone

Smartphone and registration, please. Iowa is developing an app that would allow drivers to access a digitally encoded license instead of a conventional plastic ID card.

When It Comes To Smartphones, Are Americans Dumb?

If you paid top dollar for a top phone, Asian vendors at the International Consumer Electronics Show have a message: You paid for a brand, not quality. And this year, they want to sell to you.

FBI Offers New Evidence Connecting North Korea To Sony Hack

FBI Director James Comey offered new evidence that North Korea was responsible for the cyber attack against Sony. Some technology experts had been skeptical of the proof the FBI had offered before.

Managing Conversations Online Is A Puzzle Of Picking Platforms

While social media can galvanize movements and offer access to activists, sensitive conversations can easily go off the rails online. But we are becoming better managers of these online conversations.

DishTV's New Service Targets Cable Cord Cutters

DishTV is offering a new digital service for cord cutters — ESPN and a dozen other channels for just $20 a month. Does it lead to a cable-less future?

With Downloads In Decline, Can iTunes Adapt?

Digital downloads of iTunes fell sharply in 2014, as consumers abandoned Apple's music store in favor of cheap, easy-to-use subscription services.

Prosecutors Say Tools For Hiding Online Hinder Cybercrime Crackdowns

Advocates say tools that cloak online identities are needed to protect activists. Prosecutors say they hinder efforts to police all kinds of crime, from child pornography to illegal gun sales.

Self-Tracking Gadgets That Play Doctor Abound At CES

A new wave of self-monitoring devices and apps is hitting the Consumer Electronics Show — ones with explicit medical purposes. They promise to help diagnose everything from ear infections to diseases.