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Ebola In 3-D: A Video Game To Guide Health Care Workers Through A Ward

Oh no, I touched my face! Uh-oh, I sat on a bed. A hackathon is developing a video game to train doctors and nurses volunteering for Ebola duty in West Africa.

Innovation: Smart Yoga Mat Could Help You Find Your Zen

The SmartMat is an intelligent yoga mat that records the user's movements and makes adjustments to improve yoga practice. The creators have a prototype and plan to ship the final product in July.

The Data You're OK Sharing And What You Don't Want Others To See

People consider their personal health information to be more sensitive than their religious views or purchasing habits, according to a survey on privacy by the Pew Research Center.

Chinese Shoppers Set Record For 'Singles Day' Shopping Spree

A day meant to celebrate being single has turned in to the world's largest shopping event. But it's unlikely to catch on in the U.S.

The Prosthetics Industry Gets A Human Touch

The prosthetics industry is rapidly growing, allowing patients to better customize their devices, control them using their nervous system, and even regain a sense of touch.

NFL, Broadway Fight FCC Auction Of Broadcast Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission is getting ready to auction off more broadcast spectrum and that has the folks who use wireless microphones very worried.

Despite The Dope, 'High Maintenance' Is About More Than Potheads

Vimeo's first foray into original Web TV follows a nameless pot delivery dude who engages in oddly intimate business transactions.

U.S. And China Move Toward Ending Tariffs On High-Tech Gear

The existing tariff system, which adds as much as 25 percent to the cost of American high-tech exports, covers more than $4 trillion in annual trade, the White House says.

U.S., China To Do Away With Tariffs On Some Tech Products

Obama announced at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that the U.S. and China reached an "understanding" that will lead to expanding goods covered by the Information Technology Agreement.

Tech Star Wants To Make Diversity Plug-And-Play For Silicon Valley

Tristan Walker, founder and CEO of Walker & Co. Brands, and J.J. McCorvey, a writer at Fast Company, discuss the tech industry's diversity problem.