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Rental Rules In California Raise Questions About Who's Using Airbnb

Santa Monica, Calif., approved a law that would outlaw most short-term rentals in the city. Some say many listings are by big companies. Others say such laws hurt homeowners trying to make ends meet.

The Outsized Optimism Of The Entrepreneur

You might think a great idea plus hard work equals business success, but the math is seldom simple. Two entrepreneurs, one whose venture failed and one who's still going, tell why they took the risk.

Asian-Americans Face Challenges In Reaching Tech Leadership Roles

A new report on diversity in Silicon Valley shows that Asians and Asian-Americans are underrepresented at the management and executive levels at five large companies. Two Asian-Americans share their experiences.

She's Almost Real: The New Humanoid On Customer Service Duty In Tokyo

In Tokyo, a stylish new department store receptionist isn't a human at all. It's a lifelike silicone robot with movements so real, it's fooling some customers.

Amtrak CEO Pledges To Install Speed Control Technology By End Of Year

The CEO of Amtrak pledged Thursday to install automated speed control technology on the Northeast Corridor by the end of the year. An Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia was traveling over 100 mph at a curve where the speed limit is 50. But some say simpler solutions — like putting a second engineer at the controls — might be a cheaper way to save lives.

Speed Control Technology Could Have Stopped Amtrak Derailment

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Steven Ditmeyer, former director of research and development at the Federal Railroad Administration, about technology that slows trains before a derailment or collision.

Positive Train Control: The Tech That Could've Prevented Amtrak Derailment

The Amtrak passenger train was going more than 100 miles an hour when it derailed north of Philadelphia. Positive train control could have automatically slowed the train down on that stretch of rail.

Police Rethink Tactics Amid New Technologies And Social Pressure

One officer says relations with the public are "about as bad as I've seen," as a take-charge method of policing collides with a more skeptical citizenry that can record and disseminate video anywhere.

Facebook Courts News Giants Into A Deal To Share Viewers, And Revenues

Nine media organizations, including The New York Times and National Geographic, have signed a deal to distribute their content through a new Facebook feature called "Instant Articles."

House Approves USA Freedom Act, Extending And Revising The Patriot Act

The USA Freedom Act would extend many parts of the surveillance legislation while also barring the NSA's massive collection of Americans' phone data. The measure's fate in the Senate is uncertain.