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Video Game League Announces Random Drug Tests For Competitors

The Electronic Sports League is implementing the new requirement after a top player at one of its tournaments acknowledged he and his team "were all on Adderall" during competition.

Court Strikes Down New Hampshire's Ban On Selfies In The Voting Booth

A federal judge isn't swayed by concerns that voters could be pressured to cast ballots for certain candidates and post the proof on social media. He says the law violates guarantees of free speech.

Silicon Beach: Tech Entrepreneurs Flock Downstream To LA

Los Angeles is drawing tech entrepreneurs who are attracted to the beaches, the somewhat lower housing costs and the proximity to the movie industry.

Cleveland Man's Twitter Feed Explodes After Google Reorganizes As Alphabet

Google announced the name of its new parent company on Monday, Alphabet. NPR's Melissa Block talks with the owner of the Twitter handle, @alphabet, Chris Andrikanich, about the Twitter.

U.S. Charges Hackers In $30 Million Insider-Trading Scheme

Law enforcement officials charged 32 people in connection with an alleged international hacking and insider-trading scheme they say defrauded investors of more than $30 million.
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Tech Tuesday: A Reverse Auction for Mobile Airwaves

Radios, smartphones, televisions, and other wireless devices all use spectrum to transmit information. That spectrum, though, is a finite resource- and as smartphones gain popularity, carriers need more of that spectrum to get data to their customers. We'll talk about how the Federal Communications Commission is attempting to free up more spectrum by buying it up from TV broadcasters- and how this strategy could affect small broadcasters and the wireless world.


Alphabet Is Now The Parent Company Of Google

Co-founder Larry Page announced that the Internet giant is breaking into smaller pieces — pieces that can be "more ambitious" and have "greater focus." The new parent company will be called Alphabet.

Google Creates New Parent Company Called Alphabet

Google will be part of the larger entity, along with businesses that co-founder Larry Page says are "far afield" of the company's Internet products. Sundar Pichai will become CEO of Google.

Google Announces New Parent Company Called 'Alphabet'

Google announced a broad restructuring Monday in a blog post by CEO Larry Page. Under the new structure, Alphabet becomes the parent company atop of Google's ventures.

Netflix Still Facing Questions Over Its New Parental Leave Policy

Netflix announced it would give employees who are new parents up to a year of paid leave to care for their children. The policy shift drew praise, but also questions and critique.